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#258 Elle King @ London Lexington (September 1st 2015)

      Elle King at London Lexington September 1st 2015  Gig Promo



Elle King at London Lexington September 1st 2015

Gig Promo

Support: Mi'das

I first heard of Elle King through a Stephen King tweet (no relation) in March of this year. Six months later I was stood watching her on stage in London at the very cool and friendly Lexington.

First up was support act Mi'das. He was a late addition to the evening and so unfortunately not many saw his excellent set. Watching him in the small crowd though was Elle King herself. You may not have heard of King yet. You will though. She is a force of nature and is naturally funny, scary and sexy in equal measure. She also happens to have a powerful voice that at any time seems perfect for blues, rock and country. 

Debut lp Love Stuff (not yet released in the UK) is full of tunes that make you love music again (not that I ever fell out of love with just seemed like a good line). Most of the album is played tonight with latest single Ex's and Oh's as well as Good To Be A Man ("To be a man would be just fine, my only worry would be my receding hairline") and Last Damn Night standing out. Her cover of Oh Darling tops the lot though. A good song is a good song after all.

King involves the crowd at all times including stories (mainly of idiot ex boyfriends) and comes across as a genuinely likeable person...not to mention she is pretty skilled in the art of the banjo. The band is very good and the sound is spot on. What's not to like? 

See You Again and Jackson are further highlights and show off her versatility while Ain't Gonna Drown gets my legs much as being a 41 year old with no rhythm allows (Also I was positioned next to the column in the centre of the floor. Never, ever, underestimate the advantage of being able to lean against a column during a gig). Elle encores (with non of that walking off the stage first nonsense) with My Neck, My Back and as always makes it her own.

What started out as a miserable, rainy, Tuesday night in Islington turned into one of the best gigs I have seen in some time. King is a breath of fresh air, and I really look forward to seeing what she does next. As much as I would love to see her again in a small venue I think it's pretty certain she will be playing to far bigger audiences very soon.

Ticket: September 1st 2015

Ticket Price: £10.00

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