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#260 Elle King @ London Electrowerkz (October 7th 2015)

Support: Sample Answer

Elle King is in the middle of a UK and Ireland tour supporting James Bay and judging by Twitter (where I take all my facts from) she is gaining plenty of new fans. While over from America she has also squeezed in a few of her own shows. Tonight's is at the Electrowerkz. The venue, round the corner from the Angel tube station in Islington, looks like a dodgy little back alley building. As it turns out it looks like that because it is that; ok so it may not be the prettiest on the outside (like myself) but this is a cracking little venue, full of character,  and it oozes cool; perfect for King.

Elle King at London Electrowerkz October 7th 2015  Elle King on Stage

Elle King at London Electrowerkz October 7th 2015

Elle King on Stage

First up is the unexpected bonus of the excellent Sample Answer (otherwise known as Maurcie O'Connor). The 20 year old Dubliner looks like a cross between Jimi Hendrix and Phil Lynott and is apparently a hip-hop acoustic artist (so the Internet tells me). No idea what that means but I do know that he is one hell of a talented guy. Definitely one to watch...

Talking of talent, seeing King's headline show at the Lexington back on September 1st was a real eye opener.  Here was an artist with a strong voice, an actual musician and funny as hell. Tonight's gig feels like a chance for King to let her hair down. Away from playing support to Bay we get the full King experience. Indeed, as she says herself, playing to her own fans means she doesn't have to be on her best behaviour, there is plenty of drinking and swearing, lets face it King isn't the shy and retiring type. This is her show and so we get the full force of her personality.

Elle King at London Electrowerkz October 7th 2015  Set List

Elle King at London Electrowerkz October 7th 2015

Set List

This performance may be a little alcohol fueled (both artist and crowd) but Elle plays and sings with a freedom that is a joy to watch; you really never know what she is going to say or do. To be honest I don't think she does either.

The excellent debut album, Love Stuff, showcases her variety of styles but above all else her voice stands out and tonight is no different. She can really do no wrong here. Last Damn Night and her cover of Oh Darling are highlights but there is no weak song in the set. From opener Jackson all the way through to the now traditional closer, My Neck My Back, the set is one long lesson in having a bloody good time. She has such a strong stage presence that the crowd hang on every word. She is a refreshingly talented musician. This girl is a rock star.

The Electrowerkz may be small but it really is a great can only be a matter of time though before the King name is in lights above far bigger venues.

Ticket: October 7th 2015

Ticket Price: £11.00

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