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#261 Tom Keifer @ London O2 Academy Islington (October 22nd 2015)

Tom Kiefer at London O2 Academy October 22nd 2015  Tom Kiefer on Stage

Tom Kiefer at London O2 Academy October 22nd 2015

Tom Kiefer on Stage

Support: Sons of Icarus

Don't you hate those people at gigs who arrive later than others yet pull the auld, 'wave at an imaginary person near the front', so they can make their way to a much better position. No one ever actually buys that right? So annoying. Well anyone looking on tonight may have thought they saw me do something very similar. In my defence I did actually see people I knew two from the very front. As I trod on peoples feet, bumped others pint glasses and generally caused havoc I eventually made my way to my friends. Well ok so I had never technically met these people before but hey that's a small detail. Facebook friends count don't they? Well yes sometimes they definitely do. The love of good music is a great unifier and social media has been a way of bringing fans together. It has also helped bands reconnect with their older fan base and has seen a surge in 'nostalgia' tours which makes aging rockers like myself very happy.

With Cinderella on hiatus, lead singer Tom Keifer is on tour in support of his excellent debut solo album, The Way Life Goes. He is backed by a band that includes an American Idol contestant (Kendra Chantelle) on backing vocals but is sadly missing his wife, Savannah Snow (currently recovering from surgery). Keifer may be 54 but he looks and sounds like the rock star he always was. It is great to see him on stage, with THAT voice still very much in tact. From opener, Fallin' Apart at the Seams, the crowd friendly set list, with tracks from Night Songs, Long Cold Winter and Heartbreak Station really does fly by. I haven't sung along so much at a concert for a long while (it's hard not to with songs like Shake Me) and the ringing in my ears as I type this is proof of a top night (and proof that I may need to go and get my hearing checked). Seeing him play Heartbreak StationDon't Know What You Got and of course Nobody's Fool mid set nearly has me shedding tears of joy. I have waited an awful long time for this and he doesn't disappoint. 

The solo tracks played stand up very well against the Cinderella back catalogue which bodes well for any future plans. Indeed it will be interesting to see what he does do next. Will there be a reunion? I hope so as what stood (I use the past tense...hopefully not correctly) Cinderella apart from many of their 80's contemporaries was their more blues rock sound. The encore of a little bit of Stones (It's Only Rock n' Roll), a little bit of Beatles (With A Little Help From My Friends) and the very best of Cinderella (Gypsy Road) sounds good to me. With that the show is over and I venture to the toilets which by this time resemble a swimming pool....and not a very clean one at that.

It may be nostalgia but I certainly wouldn't mind a Cinderella 30th anniversary tour of 'Night Songs' next year but if it is Keifer alone then that is fine by me. Come back soon.

Ticket: October 22nd 2015

Ticket Price: ¬£23.50

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