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#262 U2 @ London O2 Arena (October 25th 2015)


U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015     Bono on Stage

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015

Bono on Stage

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A - ARENAS: The arena is not my favourite environment for a concert, but as far as they go the O2 in London is one of the best. Overpriced yes but they are certainly not alone in that. It doesn't stop me hoping beyond hope that one day I will see this band in a sweaty rock club with just a few 100 others...or failing that my front room can probably fit ten or fifteen

B - BONO: We were lucky enough to be stood just a few feet away from him as he sang an emotionally charged Song for Someone. The wife's comment? 'He's short isn't he'. Short he may be but what he lacks in stature he sure as hell makes up for in presence. After 40 years he is still an outstanding front man that, bike accidents aside, shows no sign of letting up

C - CLAYTON, ADAM: The 'Jazz Man of the band', Adam Clayton brings the poise. He and Larry Mullen are one hell of an engine room that keeps the band ticking over nicely

D - DUBLIN: Ireland's capital, in particular the north side, features all the way through the show. From starting out as teenagers in the mid '70s, to the present day, the U2 story is told (or at least the Bono story is, after all, as he said tonight, he's the one with the microphone)

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015  The Edge on Stage

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015

The Edge on Stage

E - E STAGE: Avoiding tour spoilers is impossible these days and so I was well aware that there was a second stage where pretty much half the gig is played. We camped ourselves here for the night which in hindsight proved to be an excellent choice

F - THE FLY: A recorded Fly brings the first part of the show to a close  and allows the band get themselves in place for Invisible played inside the video wall. An outstanding Even Better Than The Real Thing follows and confirms that U2 are as innovative as ever

G - GIRL: Trish from Canada you were an absolute star for Mysterious Ways. Bono looked more than a little impressed as well...or maybe that was just his phone in his pocket

H - HOWELL: The man in the hat, otherwise known as The Edge, otherwise known as David Howell Evans, an underrated guitarist that never seems to be fazed (and yes the letter 'E' was taken already)

I - IRIS: Bono lost his mum when he was just 14 and this heartfelt song from Songs In Innocence remembers her and life back on Cedarwood Road

J - ROW J: Couldn't think of anything for 'J' so here is a shout out to all you in Row J. You guys rocked

K - KID: To that annoying moany little kid stood near us...your parents have brought you to a U2 show and you are very near the front. Stop your whining and watch (it's fair to say I wouldn't make a good parent)

L - LARRY: Whether he is walking along beating a drum, sitting in the middle of the video cage or in his usual position at the back, Larry always brings the cool. Good to see his band is still doing well

M - MOSHING: I participated in a little bit of polite Elevation Moshing a song I find impossible not to jump to...I thought I would capture a minute of that...just for you

N - NO LINE ON THE HORIZON: Am I only one that likes this album? Not one song played but in truth trying to play tracks from 13 studio albums can't be easy. Maybe next time

O - ONE: The show closer here but a song that isn't played at every gig on this tour. As much as I would have liked to hear Bad / 40 this song is an out and out classic. The crowd sing it all the way through and with a cover of Paul Simon's Mother and Child Reunion played before, the message was clear. See for more details

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015  Bono and Larry on Stage

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015

Bono and Larry on Stage

P - PIANO: Bono plays the Piano?! Never seen it before but he did for a pared down version of Sweetest Thing. Don't think Elton John has anything to worry about but it was great to see

Q - QUEUE: Queuing to get in was painfully slow. The credit card entry didn't appear to be fully working at times and so there were some delays getting in. In my experience the O2 arena is normally efficient so hopefully this was just teething trouble

R - RAISED BY WOLVES: One of the very best songs on the Songs of Innocence album Raised by Wolves is excellent here. 35 years since their first album this is a group that still possess the creative spark and they are never afraid to use their position to raise awareness for a cause

S - SET LISTS: I regret not seeing more shows on this tour especially to hear Bad40 and my absolute favourite, All I Want Is You. It would also be great to see the show from the seats and experience it in a different way. The search for another ticket starts here...

T - TICKETLESS: I dread that term. I may be out of touch but I really miss not having a ticket to keep as a souvenir. The wrist band though goes some way to keeping me happy however the days of no tickets at all is just round the corner

U - U2: Mention U2 and you will always get a reaction. A band loved and hated in equal measure. They are never ignored though and to me that proves they have never been bland. On this tour, even with the effects, the show is very much about the four members on stage proving again what a damn fine band they are

V - VIDEO CAGE: U2 have consistently pushed the barrier in the live environment. Every tour they seem to have come up with a new idea and this is a yet again an innovative step. Amazing to see; not sure how they will better it...but I am pretty sure they will

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015  Video Screens

U2 at London O2 Arena October 25th 2015

Video Screens

W - WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME: The beginning of the end of the show. StreetsPride, With or Without You take us into a four song encore lap of honour starting with City of Blinding  Lights

X - X MARKS THE SPOT: Finding the right position to get the best out of the show is hard to define. Tonight we were right at the front of stage 2 and we could see the video wall as well. If I was to come again I may well take a seat in the stands on the side to get the full effect. Then I may come again and stand at the front of the main stage...decisions, decisions...

Y - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE: To the Dutch girl who is going to 18 (EIGHTEEN) shows. Your father brought you up well. A love of live music is a wonderful still have time to make it 20 though

Z - ZZZZZ: The show is over at 10.15pm (rock n' roll not allowed any later on a Sunday) and our heads hit our pillows an hour after. Lads...I may be seeing you again very soon

Ticket: October 25th 2015 / Wrist Band 1 / Wrist Band 2

Ticket Price: £55.00

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