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#270 Cult @ London O2 Academy Brixton (February 27th 2016)


The Cult at London O2 Brixton Academy February 27th 2016  O2 Brixton Academy

The Cult at London O2 Brixton Academy February 27th 2016

O2 Brixton Academy

Support: Broken Hands

A is for ASTBURY: The guy is a rock and roll star. He still looks the part and has the booming rock voice to match

B is for BRIXTON ACADEMY: This was my first time a the famous venue. I've passed it every day for the last 18 months (I live a mile away) and it didn't disappoint

C is for CROWD: The capacity is large (nearly 5000) and everyone here was in glorious Saturday night form

D is for DUFFY: Jangling guitar and rock star poses all present and correct. Like Asbury he still has it in spades

E is for ELECTRIC: 3 tracks played from the 1987 album including Wild Flower and Lil' Devil

F is for FIRE WOMAN: A song made for fans who can't sing. Just belt it out at the top of the voice and all is well in the world

G is for GUITAR: They have a unique guitar sound which sets them apart from the norm

H is for HIDDEN CITY: Their new album is one of their very best. Not bad from a band formed over thirty years ago. Deserves to be heard...


I is for edIE (CIAO BABY) (OK I cheated): I know they don't play it anymore. Have they in years? Would love to hear it one more time

J is for JOHN TEMPESTA: Ten years and three studio albums. Pretty good going for drummer number 13 (approximately) 

K is for KNEES: My dodgy knees survived the mosh pit again. Life in the old dog yet...

L is for LOVE REMOVAL MACHINE: The classic song ended the show in style

The Cult - Love Removal Machine at Brixton Academy February 27th 2016 (Uploaded by Rob Staples)

M is for MOSH PIT: Myself and fellow ageing rocker Mark overcame bad backs and dodgy knees to take full part in a glorious mosh pit

N is for NIRVANA: The set is filled with new and old including Nirvana...thirty one years young

O is for O2: The list of O2 Academies is mightily impressive. Venue sponsorship can be painful at times (Labatt's Apollo Hammersmith was a low point) but O2 have an excellent number of great music venues..I've ticked off six so far...

P is for POSTER: Thanks Mark for dodging the security guard and grabbing the gig poster from the venue wall

Q is for QUEUES: For such a large indoor venue there are very few queues. The venue is well run and and after just one visit is already a favourite. I'll be back soon I'm sure

R is for RAIN: The Love classic is played early in the set and has Brixton on their side from the off

The Cult - Rain at Brixton Academy February 27th 2016 (Uploaded by Jason Buck)

S is for SHE SELLS SANCTUARY: Not sure there are many better rock songs. Here it closes the main set and the Academy jumps as one

T is for THE BOWIE COVER (OK I cheated again): Moonage Daydream opened the encore. A fitting tribute to Brixton's own

U is for UEA: The last gig of the UK tour takes place in Norwich at the UEA. Mark is going. I may join him

V is for VINYL: I have the vinyl copy of the new album. My only regret is I didn't get the rather sexy white edition...

W is for WIKIPEDIA: A quick look at the Cult wiki page and they are listed as multiple music genres. Hard Rock? Gothic Rock? Post Punk? Heavy Metal? Take your pick. The Cult are great no matter what

X is for X RATED: Watching yourself on You a mosh pit...aged to your 45 year old mate...well the parents wouldn't approve

Y is for YORKSHIRE: It was Bradford, in Gods own country, that the Southern Death Cult first formed back in 1981. Then Astbury met Duffy and everything changed

Z is for  is for ZZZZZZ: Back home in 15 minutes. Marvellous. Straight to bed? Nah. 3 hours drinking before the head hit the pillow. Good times

Ticket: February 27th 2016

Ticket Price: £36.00

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