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#272 Wonder Stuff @ London O2 Forum Kentish Town (March 18th 2016)

Support: Wedding Present, Lottery Winners

Tonight is all about thirty years of The Wonder Stuff. 'Est 1986'. The same year that Maradona punched the ball into the English net (I'm still bitter) and Thatcher and Reagan were best buddies. A long time ago in other words. Many bands have been and gone and come back again including Miles Hunt and the changing faces of the Wonder Stuff. 

When I first saw Don't Let Me Down Gently on the 'Chart Show' in the late '80s I knew this band was for me. Unlike The Wedding Present. They were never my thing back in the day however when we walked into the heaving Forum just after 8pm they sounded pretty damn fine to me. There were plenty in the audience that knew every word to every song. A hugely impressive sound. Maybe they are my thing after all.

Wonder Stuff at London O2 Forum Kentish Town March 18th 2016   Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls on Stage

Wonder Stuff at London O2 Forum Kentish Town March 18th 2016 

Miles Hunt and Erica Nockalls on Stage

I never saw The Wonder Stuff in their heyday. I did catch them on an acoustic tour a few years ago but tonight was my first experience of a full Stuffie show. What we get is a wall of sound. Non stop. Pulsating. Hunt gurned and swore his way through 90 mins of a hits filled set. No Dizzy (Miles said "I did ask him (Vic Reeves) but he snubbed me") but other than that absolutely everything a Wonder Stuff fan could want.

Hunt may be the only survivor of the original line-up but this is very much a two pronged attack. Hunt with unending Guinness fuelled energy and alongside him his partner, Erica Nockalls. Her violin playing is a thing of beauty. On Ten Trenches Deep I nearly wept with joy such is her skill. Posh boys and posh girls take note. Those violin lessons can be sexy.

A near perfect set list tonight including Red Berry Joy Town, Golden Green, Size of a Cow, A Wish Away, Radio Ass Kiss, Give Give Give Me and the aforementioned Don't Let Me Down Gently and Ten Trenches Deep. Before Welcome to the Cheap Seats, Miles paid tribute to those no longer with us including Kirsty MacColl, who had sung backing vocals on that song back in 1991. The show flew by.

A lot has happened during the last thirty years. The Wonder Stuff have come through thick and thin and to see Hunt on stage loving every minute is great to see. Tonight was a party, a celebration and everyone there took full part in a cracker of a show. I've never seen the Forum so full. Crammed in. That's what £20.00 tickets, a Friday night, the promise of hits and two big bands on the bill get you. Others take note.

Ticket: March 18th 2016

Ticket Price: £20.00

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