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#273 Sample Answer @ London Lock Tavern (April 20th 2016)

Sample Answer - London Lock Tavern April 20th 2016 (Promo)

Sample Answer - London Lock Tavern April 20th 2016 (Promo)

Support: Mirror Signal

We first saw Sample Answer supporting Elle King back in October last year. He stood out then as a talented guy and definitely one to watch. Since then he has been on heavy rotation in our house via an ever growing Spotify playlist

He has a lot going for him, not least the cool factor...and some amazing hair...not important you say? Well trust me, as a proud owner of a polished bald head, I still admire people with outstanding hair and Sample Answer definitely has that. Probably more importantly though he is also an extremely talented guitarist with a voice to match. He is also Irish. The guy can't lose.

I have never been great at different describing music styles. Sample Answer? Well he has a bit of everything. File him under 'Alternative' if you must but that hardly does him justice. Apparently he is a hip hop acoustic artist (or at least my quick Google search tells me). Not quite sure what that means but I know I like it and I know it's pretty damn good.

This gig is all about the launch of his new Collision EP. Sample, real name Maurice, (I can see why he changed it...) is playing a number of shows around London in support of the launch. Tonight's gig is at the upstairs part of the Lock Tavern, a cracking little space ideal for shows like this. Also a cracking little pub as it turns out. Beer garden and roof terrace to boot. Think we will may well be back...

With songs such as Good Boy, Textile BabyProud and the title track of his new EP, Sample Answer already has enough great songs for us to take notice. In this small setting, seeing him up close, you can see how talented he is. Tonight he also plays a very different take of the Stones Satisfaction. Covering songs like that can be difficult. It's a song that has been covered by thousands, not least by many a club singer and also at many a drunken karaoke night...difficult then to make it good...yet he absolutely makes it his own here. 

I would urge you to give this guy a listen. If you like him great...if not then walk away quietly and we will say no more about it. One thing you should know though is that you will be hearing a lot more from him over the years to come. This guy is gonna be huge.

Sample Answer - Official music video for "Collision"