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#278 Struts @ London Dingwalls (July 5th 2016)

Support: House of Thieves

The Struts have been playing the UK circuit for a few years now to ever increasing audiences. They have spent much of the last year touring the States...big things are happening over there (not least opening for Motley Crue on their final ever shows). Tonight felt like a homecoming.

They play a 90 minute set and the temperature is up to the max (I mean literally, it was bloody boiling. No air conditioning in this venue it seems). The show is nonstop and you definitely need a certain level of fitness to see these lads live. Hands in the air a major requirement for the show. 

Struts at London Dingwalls July 5th 2016  Struts on Stage

Struts at London Dingwalls July 5th 2016

Struts on Stage

The sold out venue is crammed in to see what all the fuss is about with many it seems here to see the Derby lads for the first time. Indeed some appear to have brought along their parents (who sheepishly loiter at the back). The Struts do seem to attract a large amount of teenage fans but there is a healthy (or not so healthy) amount of ageing rockers in there as well. Indeed the older ones were easy to spot when Spiller tells us to all crouch down during a song. For some that isn’t as easy as it once was...

The set list includes songs added on the expanded edition of the album released in the US earlier this year. These tracks, such as, Young StarsMary Go Round and These Times are Changing (criminally Lets Make This Happen Tonight is no longer on the LP) are less familiar. As a result it is old favourites Could Have Been MePut Your Money On Me and Kiss This that have Dingwalls jumping. The newer songs sound good though and make for an overall better set list (longer and possibly more balanced than before?).

The Struts - Roll Up & Could Have Been Me at London Dingwalls July 5th 2016 (Uploaded by Neuromental)

The band as a whole is tight and getting tighter every time I see them. Guitarist Slack, bass player Elliott and drummer Davies (the happy Welsh man) are a unit now. Well rehearsed by hours on stage (and in Spiller’s case probably hours in front of the mirror). Spiller is the star though. You get the feeling he was born with a 'look at me' attitude and a microphone in his hand.

Tonight was a celebration of rock n roll and showed that music doesn’t have to be boring, heads down and self indulgent. Instead it can be like this. Sweaty. Over the top. Bloody magnificent. Dingwalls is a hell of a rock venue. The Struts are a hell of a rock band. Big things await.

Ticket: July 5th 2016

Ticket Price: £14.00

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