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#279 Izzy Bizu @ London Koko (September 14th 2016)

Izzy Bizu at London Koko September 14th 2016  Izzy on Stage

Izzy Bizu at London Koko September 14th 2016

Izzy on Stage

Support: Jay Prince / Lily Oakes

First time at Camden's Koko for me. We were here to see singer Izzy Bizu. The gig, originally set to take place in June, is a showcase for her debut album (A Moment of Madness) released a few weeks ago.

Koko is a grand old building, old style yet quirky as hell. Magnificent. Tonight it was packed and was buzzing with life from the off with an excellent support set from Jay Prince (for a Bon Jovi fan that is a sentence I never thought I would say). Having said that when he gave a shout out to all those born in 1993 (the response was big) I realised I wasn't going to be part of the typical demographic. We kept with the other few 'oldies' hiding at the back pretending to fit in.

My music loving friend aka '1000 (and counting) gig man'  first pointed me in the direction of Izzy Bizu (such a great name). We are both rockers at heart but now and again branch out into the world of popular music. Izzy was one of the sounds of the summer with the annoyingly catchy White Tiger and here she played London just a week after her album made it into the UK top twenty. 

She obviously has a lot of backing. Not many new artists have a large band and elaborate stage set up. The music industry has already recognised she is one for the future being nominated for the BRITS Critics Choice Awards. She undoubtedly has talent. The girl can sing and then some. She looks the part. What she doesn't have are the songs...or at least enough of them. Not yet anyway. For every great song such as Skinny, Adam & Eve, Lost ParadiseDiamond there are too many bland fillers. 

Everything on show is very polished but again...just a bit bland. The set was near to 90 minutes when in truth a sharp 60 would have been far better. The extra length may have been because it was a one off type gig rather than part of a bigger tour but it dampened the atmosphere, was a little boring at times and was pretty needless. She also doesn't have the stage presence yet. She is inaudible when speaking but that's ok...even Freddie Mercury was shy at first.

Despite all that, and I know I sound negative, she is hugely impressive. She has so much going for her and has already enjoyed considerable success in her short career. Izzy will be a big star. She will get much better songs but for now is finding her feet. Finishing the main set with White Tiger, and seeing the response from the crowd, it's plain to see that she has nothing to worry about.

Ticket: September 14th 2016

Ticket Price: £13.00

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