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#280 Lounge Kittens @ London Tufnell Park Dome (September 16th 2016)

The Lounge Kittens

The Lounge Kittens

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Another gig, another new venue. Tonight in Tufnell Park we were at the Dome for an album launch...and a meet and greet...and a bit of a session as well. All great except that I knew very little about the band we were there to see. I shouldn't have worried.

Mark, on the promise of being able to stay at my place in London (he lives in the outback...otherwise known as Norfolk) let me come along with him to see a band I knew nothing about...except of course I did. How could I not remember the Lounge Kitten version of Rollin'. In preparation for the launch I checked Wikipedia (I take my research seriously) and they are described as a 'Comedy Lounge Music' band. Pretty accurate actually.

The Dome looks a little like a town hall inside. Actually it looks exactly like a town hall. A little odd for a music venue but the sound was good which is the main thing. The ticket included a meet and greet prior to the gig. In the lead up to that the drinks flowed...probably longer than they should have...spilling a drink while we got our picture taken with the girls wasn't a great start. Luckily they didn't seem to mind...although they did move us on rather quickly. I don't blame them. 

Lounge Kittens London Tufnell Park Dome September 16th 2016  Timia Gwendoline (Blue Kitten) on Stage

Lounge Kittens London Tufnell Park Dome September 16th 2016

Timia Gwendoline (Blue Kitten) on Stage

For the last few years the Lounge Kittens have released 'lounged up' takes on rock classics from Party Hard (its a classic in my book), I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Duality. All of which passed me by...except this week when they have been on repeat on my Spotify. Tonight saw the official launch of new album Sequins & C-Bombs. A cracking title for a cracking album which includes their takes on Alice Cooper's Poison and System of Down's Bounce. Fantastic stuff.

The sound they make with just three voices and a keyboard is hugely impressive but most importantly great fun and despite a few too many drinks for us this was a top night. I'm not sure how long the Lounge Kittens will continue. I would imagine there are only so many songs they can cover but while they are here we should cherish them as they are bloody great entertainment.

Ticket: September 16th 2016

Ticket Price: £40 (including meet and greet and CD)

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