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#281 Gun @ London Underworld (October 22nd 2016)

Support: Skam, Sweet Crisis

I got the gig bug in the late '80s. Those were innocent days when I always made sure to see the support bands* (something which I'm ashamed to say I don't always do these days) and not be propped up at the bar having a few pre gig pints (which I'm ashamed to say I very much do these days). I saw some great supports...not least Gun. When they released their excellent debut album, Taking On The World in 1989 they sounded unlike many of their contemporaries. They had that extra bit of soul and a lead singer (Mark Rankin) who could belt it out like the best of them. Seeing them support the Stones at Wembley in '90 proved they could do it live even in a setting when many a band would have shrunk away. Later when I saw them support Def Leppard in '92 and Bon Jovi in '96 their confidence was still there. A year later they had broken up.  

Gun London Underworld October 22nd 2016  Gun on Stage

Gun London Underworld October 22nd 2016

Gun on Stage

There have been many a change in the life of Gun...line ups came and went, grunge happened, change of direction tried...big success, try to repeat...over produced success. Break up results, decade passes, half a reformation, come back trail, new singer, doesn't quite work. Original member, bass player, and all round good guy (Dante Gizzi) steps up. Turns out to be a good move. New album released, not bad. Another released, bloody marvelous. It really is good to have Gun back and firing (sorry) on all cylinders. Dante makes for a good lead singer, it probably doesn't come naturally but he seems at home front and centre.

Camden is always up for a party and the Underworld is the home of it for the rock crowd. It's Saturday night which means the volume is high and the crowd is in good spirits (pissed). Gun fly through the hits (and they have a few), a crowd pleaser of a set for sure. They do however play three new tracks including excellent opener, Let It Shine, followed by their (now 22 year old) cover of Word Up. The Underworld is jumping.

Better Days, Money, Taking On The World all bring back great memories as does Steal Your Fire which closes the main set. They come back for a three song encore including Shame on You, still such a classic rock song (and sounding as good as ever). The gig flies by. Saturday night in the Underworld does mean an early gig curfew (so that the masses can come down and get drunk on cheap Jack Daniels) and so it's all over before 10pm but not before Gun belt out the Beastie Boys Fight for the Right (To Party). A fun way to end a great set and the band's UK tour.

* We made it down to see Skam who were brilliant. #SupportTheSupport

Ticket: October 22nd 2016

Ticket Price: £17.00

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