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#282 Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul @ London Indigo at the O2 (October 29th 2016)

Support: The Marcus King Band

Little Steven (or Stevie Van Zandt to his friends)  announced his first gig in over 25 years a month ago. Tickets bought. Queue queued. Position found. You may or may not know much of Stevie's solo output. To say he has been round the block in music terms is an understatement. The E Street Band, Southside Johnny, Gary U.S Bonds and of course his solo work...also lets not forget this guy. Stevie is not one to rest on his laurels. The time though must finally seem right for him to take a step back into the world of Little Steven.

Little Steven London Indigo at the O2 October 29th 2016  The band take their encore

Little Steven London Indigo at the O2 October 29th 2016

The band take their encore

Seeing Stevie centre stage is a new one on me and judging by his never ending broad smile he really does love it. The guy is a force of nature. Stevie and his new disciples (all new apart from Eddie Manion...'the last of the old disciples') come on stage a little after 11pm...I have to say I'm not sure I can get used to gigs starting at 11pm. The crowd (95% middle aged+ blokes) probably haven't stayed up this late in years. To be honest I was worried I would make it. 11pm, that's bordering on Guns n' Roses territory. To be fair the opportunity to see Stevie Van Zandt play was too good to pass up, and hey we get an extra hour in bed as the clocks were going back the next day.

Little Steven and Richie Sambora London Indigo at the O2 October 29th 2016  Stevie and Richie on Stage

Little Steven and Richie Sambora London Indigo at the O2 October 29th 2016

Stevie and Richie on Stage

I'm ashamed to say I'm not that familiar with some of the songs from Stevie's back catalogue. Tonight though that really doesn't matter. There is so much energy on stage that they could be playing a Bieber B side and it would be excellent (well ok maybe not). The stage set up may not have many frills (according to Stevie) but the 15 or 16 musicians all dressed in black looks great.

This was my first time at the Indigo. Much bigger and far better than I expected and the sound is spot on. The sound. Wow. The noise made from all on stage really is a wall of sound. Spector would love it. The backing singers (The Divas of Soul) were spot on throughout but it was Stevie in the middle of it all that is the obvious focal point.

From opening Soulfire the tone is set. Every song is great though Forever and Ride the Night Away stand out early on. The James Brown cover (Down and Out in New York City) is so good it hurts. Towards the end the Southside Johnny favourite I Don't Want To Go Home sends a shiver down the spine. I felt blessed to be in the room. 

Stevie announces that 2017 will be a big year for him. He is going to put out all the old records again and also bring out a brand new one...not forgetting a full tour. Count me in. As for tonight the 2 hour 15 minute set flies by in a blur. Richie Sambora joins Stevie on stage for the encore (a cover of Can I Get A Witness) and it is one of the best ten minutes of my life. A great way to end. Richie sums it up best...'Steven mother fucking van zandt mother fucker...give that shit a hand'. Indeed.


The support tonight was the Marscus King Band. Mr King turns out to be a 20 year who looks and sounds 50 years older (or as Mrs Rock put it - 'He looks like a 60 year that has let himself go'). He plays and sings like someone that has led a life but I'm pretty sure he is going to be huge. 

On the way into the Indigo we watched some drunk English idiot ask the Russian (built like a brick shit house) bouncer why weren't the doors open yet. The idiot went on to say it clearly states 9pm on the ticket. The fact that the time was 8.58pm at this point had obviously passed him by. The low point was when he told the bouncer that he pays his wages. I could have punched the idiot myself but watched as the very calm bouncer smiled and said he would be getting into the venue very soon. Mr Bouncer sir...well done.

Ticket: October 29th 2016

Ticket Price: £35.00

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