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#283 Rews @ London 229 (Venue 2) (November 25th 2016)

Rews London 229 November 25th 2016 Promo

Rews London 229 November 25th 2016 Promo

Support: Goldbirds / Mohawk Radio

I won't lie...I got these tickets for free. I'd never heard of any of the groups playing...yet this was three up and coming bands, a venue I had never been to before and a Friday night. Why the hell not?

First up were Manchester based band, Mohawk Radio. Lead singer Mia Page (from Bermuda no less) is the focal point with a powerful rock voice and excellent stage presence (and hey she's a big Queen fan which makes her damn fine in my book).

Playing as support tonight in the 229 they performed to a crowd consisting mainly of enthusiastic fans bussed in from Weston-super-Mare (nope I'm not sure why either but hats off to them all). They play a strong set with the impressive Two Million Heart Beats standing out. Mohawk are by no means the finished article yet but this is a band that shows a lot of potential.

Brighton band Goldbirds were up next. At this point the dynamic in the crowd changed significantly as the Weston posse attacked the bar. Lead singer, Si Connelly, has a distinctive voice and the band have a unique sound. Soho Dogs (their latest single) is a cracker and bodes well for the future...also they were Mrs Rock's band of the night...although it must be said from previous experience that means they will soon disappear without a trace.

After hearing a few tracks in the lead up to this gig it's safe to say I expect great things from Rews. The blurb says they are London based although there is no mistaking singer Shauna Tohill's Irishness. I'm already pretty much in love with this duos sound, look and yes that Northern Irish voice. For a duo they don't half make a big noise and the excellent Collette Williams on drums is a huge part of that. The harmonies are exceptional but above all else they already have quality songs like Miss You In The Dark, Can You Feel It and the catchy as hell Shake Shake. All are highlights in a set full of signs that this band must surely go far.

Rews at London 229 November 25th 2016  Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams on Stage

Rews at London 229 November 25th 2016

Shauna Tohill and Collette Williams on Stage

So a top night. Three very good bands together and all for a fiver. The venue was good although no cloak room isn't great (even rock n rollers need somewhere to put their coats) but the sound is clear and is an ideal size for up and coming artists.

Like many my age I tend to go and see a lot of the same type of artists, usually 'legacy' artists at that. Tonight was a breath of fresh air and a kick up the backside. Moral of the story? Take a chance on new bands because live music rocks.

Ticket: No Ticket Gig

Ticket Price: £5.00 (Free to me)

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