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#285 Adam Ant @ London Roundhouse (December 18th 2016)

Support: UK Feds

The recent Top of the Pops repeats on BBC 4 have made me hungry for all things early 1980s...and there is no one that sums up that period better than Adam Ant. 35 years ago he was the man that everyone wanted to see, then in the fickle world of '80s music no one seemed to care. Thankfully, judging by the huge successes of recent tours, he is back with a bang. Nostalgia maybe, but the queues forming outside the Roundhouse well before opening, and the number of annoying touts on the prowl in Camden, proved that he is again the big draw.

Adam Ant at London Roundhouse December 18th 2016  Adam Ant on Stage

Adam Ant at London Roundhouse December 18th 2016

Adam Ant on Stage

Ant is selling the tour on his own, not playing the odd song here or there as part of an 80's throwback tour. But then that's because he has more than just one or two good songs. The Wild Frontier album itself is a very good long player. There are no dud tracks and he rattles through it tonight. The dual drums look and sound fantastic, with opener Dog Eat Dog and the title track sounding especially great. The drum wall of sound was endless and made for an excellent atmosphere in the always excellent Roundhouse.

Ant doesn't say much on stage but yet he manages to be an formidable front man and showman. It appears that he knows a good rock star pose and he also happens to look great (looking a good deal younger than his 62 years...which Wikipedia tells me he is). There are so many good songs in his back catalogue with Ant Music, Jolly Rodger and Stand and Deliver obvious highlights while Vive Le Rock and Cartrouble also stand out. The main set finish of Goody Two Shoes and Prince Charming takes some beating (although Mrs Rock was disappointed that not many around us braved the dance moves). The encore includes a cover of T Rex Get It On but it is Physical that closes the show and sees Ant walk off stage without so much as a true punk style.

Adam Ant - Prince Charming at London Roundhouse December 18th 2016 (Uploaded by Gigs (KrisLW)

One album shows are everywhere these days. Some better than others. To hear Kings of the Wild Frontier in full was a big one for me and with 3 guitarists, 2 drummers and a punk rocker called Adam Ant up front, this was a special night in a special venue. I was 8 when the album hit the top spot. I knew I loved the music and the funny guy in the pirate hat...I'm 43 now and I still love the music...pirate hat not so much.

See you next year.

Ticket: December 18th 2016

Ticket Price: £35.00

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