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#286 Ladyhawke @ London Koko (February 15th 2017)

Ladyhawke 'Let It Roll' Tour Promo

Ladyhawke 'Let It Roll' Tour Promo

Support: Isle

I like a lot of music styles. At least I think I do. Then again, most people that say they have an eclectic taste in music...really don't. The gigs I go to usually involve loud guitars and over long drum solos. Ladyhawke (Pip Brown) definitely doesn't fit into that category. She ain't no Whitesnake. There are similarities though. Both have dodgy hairstyles and wear clothes that were stylish in 1976. Both like a good harmony and both seem to love what they do. The similarities end there though.

Ladyhawke has been on the music scene for a decade now and in that time has released three very good albums. Three very good electronic / synth albums. The set list is mainly made up of songs from her debut and latest albums with second album, Anxiety, barely getting a look in. Main set closer (and my fave track) Paris is Burning is definitely a highlight for me but the set is littered with standout moments. At times however the sound seems a little weak but thankfully, for most of the night, the wall of sound is hugely impressive. 

The New Zealander has made three great records. Her last album (2016's Wild Things) has been on heavy rotation in my house for some time and the title track is another highlight here. In truth I'm not sure this type of music, in the live setting, it is entirely my thing. At times I was a little bored (but think that may just be me). It doesn't help that there is very little crowd interaction but Brown still comes across well and hey she has one of the best mic stand setups I have ever seen.

She may not be a natural front woman but it really is impossible not to like her. She doesn't always look comfortable on stage and at one point I felt like getting up and giving her a big hug. Probably not a good idea though...not after last time. She has had struggles in the past but it seems she is enjoying life now and that does come across on stage. She seems genuinely overwhelmed at the response tonight.

Ladyhawke - Back of the Van at London Koko - 15th February 2017 (Uploaded by Planet Music Reviews)

The crowd in Camden is an interesting mix of drunk Aussies, excitable Kiwis and curious Londoners. After last song, and her biggest hit to date, My Delirium, the venue empties and everyone has a beaming smile on their faces. Electronic music may not be my number one genre of music but there is no denying the uplifting feeling in Koko. See you next time.

Ticket: February 15th 2017

Ticket Price: £16.00

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