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#287 Monster Truck @ London Electric Ballroom (March 22nd 2017)

Monster Truck at London Electric Ballroom March 22nd 2017  Monster Truck on Stage

Monster Truck at London Electric Ballroom March 22nd 2017

Monster Truck on Stage

Support: The Picturebooks

It seems silly to post this in the light of the days tragic events...but London keeps on rolling. Nothing will stop it. Fuck everyone that tries. Camden Town is such a vibrant place, although understandably a little more sombre than usual tonight. In the middle of Camden, surrounded by pubs and tattooists, is the Electric Ballroom. It was packed and defiant. Life really does go on.

We were here to see the mighty Monster Truck. The Ballroom is a sufficiently gloomy and dirty venue to host a proper rock band and Monster Truck are certainly that. First up though were the Picturebooks who make a hell of a lot of noise for just two people. Playing to a near full house the German band are hugely impressive with a drummer (Philipp Mirtschink) who makes Animal look as rock n roll as Chris De Burgh wanting an early night. Lead singer, Fynn Claus Grabke, belts out the songs and they fly through their excellent set.

Since forming in 2009 Monster Truck have released two long players, their debut Furiosty and last years Sittin' Heavy (which reached the top ten in their native Canada). Lead singer Jon Harvey is a formidable frontman. Guitar in hand and with bushy long hair and beard he not only looks the part but he has a voice made for the bluesy rock that the band produce.

Monster Truck Tourin' Heavy Tour Promo

Monster Truck Tourin' Heavy Tour Promo

Opener Why Are You Not Rocking? (a good question to always ask yourself) sets the tone. The sound is good the voice is proper rock n roll and the shirtless lead guitarist (Jeremy Widerman) gives it his best Angus Young. Enforcer and For the People stand out during the main set, a set which is split pretty evenly over their two albums, with a few tracks from 2011's The Brown EP thrown in. It does seems to lag a little in the middle (although judging by the crowd's reaction I may well be in the minority) but the show is a very, very good one. The band finish with a four song encore including a cover of James Browns I Feel Good which doesn't quite hit the mark (a work in progress maybe). Monster Truck are only two albums into their musical life so it is very early days. It is clear though that there is much more to come from this excellent band.

They take their bows, the queues for the men's toilets get long, the venue empties and the crowd go their separate ways...back into the streets of a wonderful city.

Ticket: March 22nd 2017

Ticket Price: £14.00

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