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#290 Download Festival @ Castle Donington Donington Park (June 10th 2017)

Headliner: Biffy Clyro

Who I Saw: Biffy Clyro / Wednesday 13 / Sick Puppies / The LaFontaines 

Day two and the festival really kicks into gear. Staying in a hotel this year helps (camping is for wimps as we all know). The Holiday Inn near Derby train station may not sound glamorous but it is really ideal for travel with a fantastic shuttle bus service taking you to and from the site. The hotel have very friendly staff well used to Download rockers and a good night's sleep is pretty much guaranteed...always a bonus after spending most of the day stood in a field. It meant today I was fully refreshed and ready for anything that day 2 could throw at me...the day that was all about Biffy.

Biffy Clyro at Download Festival Donington Park June 10th 2017  Biffy Clyro on Stage

Biffy Clyro at Download Festival Donington Park June 10th 2017

Biffy Clyro on Stage

Before the main event though chance to see some other bands. One of favourite things about festivals are the smaller stages. There have been some superb atmospheres in those places and making use of them, even if you have no idea on the band playing, always throws up a few surprises. It is on one of these stages that I first saw Kings of Leon. This was way back in 2003 at the Witnness Festival when they still had a lot of pre hipster stupid facial hair.  

At Download, the Dogtooth stage had some very good bands on,  including Glaswegian lads, The LaFontaines. Their 25 minute excellent set flew by. Definitely seeing them again. In fact I ended up spending most of today at this stage. Saw the Sick Puppies who sounded very good and then I took a completely different track and watched Wednesday 13 command the stage. He isn't the kind of artist I would usually take much interest in but you had to take notice here. He is definitely a showman with wind machines, flames and a whole lot else thrown in.

We wandered over to the main stage ready for the headliner. It was interesting to see that it wasn't packed near the front at the start. There was plenty of space to move. Not sure why as Biffy Clyro are a very good rock band. Here they threw everything into their headline set and were hugely impressive. I heard a few moans about them as headliners. Probably the same that moaned about Muse a few years ago. Biffy, like Muse in 2015, certaintly silenced a few critics. 

Biffy Clyro - God & Satan at Download Festival June 10th 2017 (Uploaded by Ariela Spalla)

Biffy know how to build a set. When I say they threw everything into it they really did, They left nothing behind and when they walked off (without encore) the now packed crowd knew they had seen something special. Day 2 finished with a bang and as Biffy's fireworks lit the sky the band surely knew they had gained a lot more fans who now knew, if there was ever any doubt, that this is one hell of a rock band.

On to Day 3...the weekend goes too quickly...

Ticket: June 10th 2017Wrist Band / Bus Ticket

Ticket Price: ¬£160

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