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#294 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott @ London All Saints Church Kingston - Show 1 (July 31st 2017)

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at London All Saints Church Kingston  Paul and Jacqui on Stage in Church

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott at London All Saints Church Kingston

Paul and Jacqui on Stage in Church

Support: N/A

Show 1: 7:45-8:35

Haven't been in church in a while...even after living in Ireland for 12 years I managed not to go with the exception of a few funerals. £8 to go an see Paul and Jacqui sing a few songs though? Why the hell not. This may only be a 50 minute show but to hear them sing acoustically was something we couldn't pass up.

Celebrating the latest album debuting at Number one...on the vinyl and cassette charts...we caught the early show (there were two). Upon arriving at the church Mrs Rock joined the long queue for the toilets and promptly bumped into Jacqui leaving the cubicle. Thankfully she didn't ask for an autograph.

Apparently the new album missed out on the album chart top spot by around 1400 sales. Seems Lana Del Ray fans stream a lot more which took her new release over the line first. No matter thought the partnership has brought 3 great albums and a lot of success. On stage they seem to be having an absolute blast.

The sound in the church is outstanding. Paul and Jacqui and band provide some glorious harmonies and both classic and new songs sound stunning. Starting with Housemartin oldie (and personal favourite) Me and the Farmer and 50 minutes fly by. The acoustics in the church allow for the always funny, but always politically and socially charged lyrics, to be heard clearer than ever. One song i didn't expect to hear in a church was Don't Marry Me (with full lyrics) sang with smiles on the faces on everyone on stage. Caravan of Love closes the set and it has probably never sounded so good. Glorious.

I don't believe there is a finer songwriter than Paul Heaton. He is a national treasure whether he wants to be or not. This was a great way to spend a Monday evening and all for £8. We will be seeing Paul and Jaqui again very soon.

Ticket: July 31st 2017

Ticket Price: £8.00

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