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#297 Struts @ London Electric Ballroom (September 18th 2017)

Support: Bang Bang Romeo

The Struts attract a variety of fans, from Little Mix loving teenage girls (bass player Jed Edwards is the boyfriend of a Little Mixer), to ageing rockers (with an alarming variety of hair styles). Noticeably though the Derby band's crowd seems to be gradually turning into a more typical rock audience. This may, in part, be due to the ever growing American support slots with the likes of the Foo Fighters, Motley Crue, The Who and The Stones. Not bad company to keep at all and the wider audience is definitely beginning to notice. The hard work and tough touring schedule is doing them no harm at all and while they are young they may as well go for it.

As singer, Luke Spiller admits here, the Struts don't often play these shores. Indeed for the last few years they have toured all across America. To see them back in London is a very welcome return. I last saw them just over a year ago up the road in Dingwalls, the Electric Ballroom is certainly a major step up in size. Pleasingly, despite the far bigger venue there is very little room to move at all...word is definitely getting around.

Struts at London Electric Ballroom September 18th 2017  Struts on Stage

Struts at London Electric Ballroom September 18th 2017

Struts on Stage

It's a Monday night so feeling a little tired we park ourselves against the sound barrier...lazy maybe but a great view none the less. Crowd participation isn't everyone's thing (especially on a Monday) but the Ballroom seems to have no issues clapping along, waving arms or indeed the now traditional crouch down (there is always one of course and Mr Grumpy Pants near us was having none of it).

They play an 80 minute set which fizzes by. It really is one long singalong from the opening Put Your Hands Up (like Bon Jovi, they are not subtle) through the ever excellent Kiss This, new track Primadonna, and to close the main set, their cover of Supersonic (surprisingly well suited to them. Very different to a Gallagher singing it but very good all the same).

I've said before Spiller has more front man charm in his little toe than many others...great lead singers don't come along too often, true show men even less. He certainly has everything in his locker to be one of the very best. He has a strong rock voice and he covers every inch of the stage but it is his ability to put absolutely everything into every single song that is his biggest asset.

The Struts - Primadonna at London Electric Ballroom September 18th 2017 (Uploaded by Neuromental)

They encore with their most well known (and probably best) song, Could Have Been Me before finishing with Where Did She Go (when my old knees had to prove they are still up to it). They are a well oiled outfit these days and the crowd can not get enough.

The purists, the critics, the lovers of the shoe gazing wannabes, would probably hate The dare people have fun at a concert...but like my favourite band, Queen, would's the people who come to the shows that count. If they keep coming in these numbers then they must be doing something right. Album number 2 is probably well overdue but the tracks played from it here bode well. If they get it right they have the rock world at their feet.

Ticket: September 18th 2017

Ticket Price: ¬£15.00

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