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#301 H.E.A.T. @ London O2 Academy Islington (November 21st 2017)

Support: Degreed / Black Diamonds

Before this gig, I knew very little about H.E.A.T. I was dragged along by a big fan of the band...that can be really awkward...what if I think the band are utter I say so? Things could get a little icy. I really should not have worried as it turns out the band know how to put on one hell of a show. Musically brilliant and with a front man who gives his all. Throw in it being the last night of the tour and the Academy really was rocking.

H.E.A.T. at London O2 Academy Islington November 21st 2017  H.E.A.T. on Stage

H.E.A.T. at London O2 Academy Islington November 21st 2017

H.E.A.T. on Stage

I may not know much about the band but here is what I learned tonight...

An A to Z of H.E.A.T. @ O2 Academy Islington

A is for Alcohol: The big downside of the O2 venues. Tuborg and Carlsberg. Yuk. Even with discounted prices that beer tastes foul

B is for Barry: Big H.E.A.T. fan who has followed them around for many a year. Flew in from Dublin for this gig

C is for Catching: Magnificent Bra catch from Erik...he looked up, caught a bra, then wore it. Outstanding front man heroics

D is for Dive: Well OK not dive, crowd surf. From stage to bar. Impressive stuff from a very impressive front man

E is for Erik: Not lead singer Erik Grönwall but uber fan Erik? gets his chance to drum with the band...and does an amazing job

F is for Freezing: Winter is definitely here and ok I couldn't think of any other F's

G is for Grönwall, Erik: This guy is a front man and a half. He was everywhere tonight. Singing great throughout and barely ever stood still

H.E.A.T. at London O2 Academy Islington November 21st 2017  Erik Grönwall on the Bar

H.E.A.T. at London O2 Academy Islington November 21st 2017

Erik Grönwall on the Bar

H is for Highway for Hell: All three bands on stage belting out the AC/DC classic. End of tour high jinx for an outstanding encore

I is for Idol: Yep. Erik Grönwall won the Swedish Idol winner in 2009. They obviously have a better competition than certain other countries

J is for Jimmy Jay and Jona Tee: 2 of the original members. 10 years each for the Bass and Keyboard department

K is for Kenny Leckremo: Ex singer who left in 2010. Not particularly relevant here but couldn't think of another letter K

L is for Leather: Quite a lot on display in the crowd tonight. Big heads up to the double leather wearing old dude

M is for Making Your Mind Up: Guitarist Dave Dalone. He left. 3 years later he came back. Looks great and plays better

N is for Not knowing anything: Yep this list proves my lack of H.E.A.T. knowledge

O is for O2 Academy: Sponsorship of venue names is not very rock n roll but O2 at least do it well. Free cloakroom and more if an O2 customer

P is for Photography: The guy stood holding the camera on a stick. Bit weird...actually bet it was him who made the video later in this blog

Q is for Queen: A Flash based drum solo from drummer Crash...a guy that looks so happy in what he does 

R is for ROCK N ROLL: H.E.A.T. may not be doing anything hugely original but they do what they do bloody magnificently

S is for Sweden: Rock n Roll is alive and strong in the home country of H.E.A.T. and support band Degreed

T is for Tour: Last night of the tour here and all three bands made sure to have a ball

U is for Urinal: Toilets not the strongest point of the Islington Academy...

V is for Video: Well done Neil Martin. The You Tube clip below is a cracker

H.E.A.T. - Gig Highlights at London O2 Academy Islington November 21st 2017 (Uploaded by Neil Martin) Just a few highlights for the last night of there European tour 'Into the Great Unknown'

W is for Washboard: The lack of stomach on Grönwall is mightily impressive. Puts many in the audience (me included) to shame

X is for MMXVII: Ok I'm really struggling with the letter X... 

Y is for Young: R.I.P. Malcolm. Whole Lot of Rosie sang while stood on the bar (post crowd surf) in memory of a sadly missed rock legend

Z is for Zzzzzz: It's a school night. Caught the last tube home and in to bed... 


And one question for the road...what is that song that sounds like Hit Me Baby One More Time?

Top night with top company spent seeing a top band

Ticket: November 21st 2017

Ticket Price: £12.50

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