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#302 T'PAU @ London Islington Assembly Hall (November 23rd 2017)

Support: Scarlet / John Adams

You get a feeling a concert is not going to be anywhere near full when you can wander in and hardly anyone bothers asking you for your tickets. We pretty much walked straight in. Ok so we got to the venue over an hour before T'Pau were due to stage but to say the turnout was low is a massive understatement. Why there were so few people is mystifying as the crowd that were here were lucky enough to see a band, in particular Carol Decker and Ron Rogers, put on a trip down memory lane in the fab Islington Assembly Hall.

T'Pau at London Islington Assembly Hall November 23rd  T'Pau on Stage

T'Pau at London Islington Assembly Hall November 23rd

T'Pau on Stage

Islington Assembly Hall is a grand old building with good views and sound and one oddly very bouncy floor. What crowd did bother to turn up were extremely enthusiastic especially at the barrier. It was there, right at the front, where the norm is to see teenage girls who have queued for hours, that a row of ageing men where reliving their younger days and seeing T'Pau in concert. We were one row back, a row of slightly younger men, in denial that they are well on their way to making it one row in front.

The band (all seven of them) are on stage at 9pm. The sound is exceptional in the Hall and Carol Decker's voice still sounds as good as ever. I'm not that familiar with much of the later albums but what they played here sat well alongside the older classics. Everything from Bridge of Spies and Rage brings back memories and all sound much as I remember. This show is one of a handful the band have put on as a celebration of three decades since China in Your Hand reached number 1. The back drop on stage is the Bridge of Spies album cover which seems like an old friend to me...I played that album to death and still do. It may not be cool to say it but that album is a classic with the title track and Heart and Soul in particular standouts. It is crazy that 30 years has passed since that time and seeing Decker and Ron Rogers on stage really is great. Not sure why it has taken me until now to do so.

T'pau and Decker deserve to be playing to full venues. Many far less talented people play to far bigger audiences but then the music world is a funny place at times. I have seen many a male fronted band three decades in and the singers voice in no way sounds anything like it did. Some adapt, some retire, others plough on. The female voice may age a lot better, certainly Decker's has. If only the first two rows had aged as well.

Next time you see T'pau advertised in your area do make an effort and see them live. They should be playing to full arenas not half full halls.

Ticket: November 23rd 2017

Ticket Price: £25.00

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