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#309 Volbeat @ London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) (May 30th 2018)

Volbeat at London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) May 30th 2018  House of Vans Sign

Volbeat at London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) May 30th 2018

House of Vans Sign

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A slightly different take on what turned out to be a great gig at the House of Vans...

Tunnel 3 tonight not 2. 850 people. Aim to get in about 8.30, loads of time, they wont be on until 9 after all. Yay we got wristbands, feeling pretty smug. What's that you say? Free ticket no guarantee of entry...did not know that. Oh wow hang on, we can't get in? Too full you say? Why the fuck is that? We got tickets, hell we got wristbands. No one telling us what is going on. Will we get in? Shall we leave? Yes let's leave. Ah no hang on Ella looks upset. She's a big Volbeat fan...really wants to get in. Her boyfriend Jack (6 ft 7" Jack) don't look happy either...shit what shall we do? Ok Mr Bouncer we can go in now? Yes? Excellent, ok so we missed 20 minutes but hey ho let's get in there and watch some Danish rock and roll.

Volbeat at London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) May 30th 2018  Volbeat on Stage Somewhere Behind This Wall

Volbeat at London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) May 30th 2018

Volbeat on Stage Somewhere Behind This Wall

Shit no literally no fucking room...see this pic on the right? Yep that's our view. Shit. Ah great Ella and Jack have squeezed in. There's a bench. Let's sit down. Come on Mrs Rock, it's not that bad. Man I'm pretty lucky. I drag her to anything and everything. Never complains. Not even now. Drunk guy next to us is talking. Nice fellah I think. Can't understand a word he is saying though. Let's get a drink. What? We can't get to the bar? Can't see the stage. Shit. Ah well the sound is amazing, like really amazing. Actually, this is pretty cool. Sat staring at a brick wall listening to a great rock band. To be fair could probably have done this at home. Wow, what's that, 4 pints (of Red Stripe...hey beggars can't be choosers and all that). Thanks Ella, small Ella, thank you for doing that. 

Fuck Volbeat sound good. The House of Vans is a cool venue...but smells musty as fuck. Like really musty. They definitely need better ventilation in here. Also anything but Red Stripe would be appreciated. Bloody hell I'm getting to be a moany, miserable old git. Still, the sound. Really good. Really bloody good.

Wait a minute, what's this? Quite a few sweaty rockers and their husbands leaving...they look fucked. Too much for them? Well it is hot and jammed in there. Don't blame them. Shit it sounds good, wish I could see them. A gap! Mrs Rock, come on let's get in.

Were in! Yes can actually see them. Shit these guys really are good. Mrs Rock is off to the toilet. She makes it back...T-shirt in hand. Free T-shirts you say? Excellent. Only 5 left? Ah well. She gives it to Ella. Ah shit I'm welling up. Nice thing to do. Ella looks chuffed and a little weepy. Love this. Love these guys. Love this band. Love the venue. Maybe not so many free tickets next time though eh?

Gig over, ok only saw half of it...well ok maybe a third but we won't tell anyone that. Let's get a pint. 

Loved the show and I think Mrs Rock enjoyed it to. I do drag her to an awful lot of gigs she has no interest in. She really deserves a (rock and roll) medal. Thanks Jack and Ella for getting the tickets and thinking of us. Rock can never be stopped and indeed you cannot stop the rock...ok except maybe by a brick wall.

Ticket: May 30th 2018

Ticket Price: Free

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