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#316 Levellers @ Norwich UEA Nick Rayns LCR (November 24th 2018)

Levellers at Norwich UEA Nick Rayns LCR November 24th 2018  Levellers Tour Promo

Levellers at Norwich UEA Nick Rayns LCR November 24th 2018

Levellers Tour Promo

Support: Seán McGowan / Nick Parker

An early start, a record fair, a bit of shopping, too much food, and a few too many drinks in Norwich city centre and we were ready to help celebrate 30 (THIRTY) years of the Levellers.

The excellent UEA was full to the brim of mainly middle aged folk, secretly happy that the curfew was an early 10pm....hey we need our sleep. A dead phone meant this was the first gig in ages that I couldn't take pictures...a blessing really and I may well keep the ageing Samsung in my pocket at future shows (who am I kidding…).

I didn’t know that much about the Levellers apart from the classic Levelling the Land album back in the day, however tonight we were with two big fans of the Brighton band who kept us in check. The Levellers are not your typical group. Managing to stick together for 30 years is certainly no mean feat. Lead singer Mark Chadwick fronts the collective with bass player Jez Cunningham and Jon Sevink on fiddle, particularly impressive.

It is a very good gig from a group who, after three decades, know a thing or two about putting on a show. Yes, it’s One Way, Fifteen Years and What A Beautiful Day that do it for me, but the fiddle and guitar sound is constant and the 90 minute set (cliché alert) really does fly by.

Apparently there is not much competition in this part of the country, however the UEA is still a very good, efficient and well organised venue. The only down side being the long queue for the cloakroom after the gig. However the extra time waiting for the queue to disappear did mean more time at the Merch stand. It was here that we met Mr Stephen Boakes. During the show he plays the (very big) didgeridoo for two songs (‘its a thing’ apparently) and as it turns out he is a pretty awesome guy. He had a broad grin, gladly shook hands, signed shirts and had pictures taken with anyone and everyone while helping sell the band shirts. Top bloke indeed. 

The Levellers, who released their 11th studio album this year (their highest charting in 20 years), will no doubt continue doing their thing...and doing it very well…for many years to come. Long may they continue.

Ticket: November 24th 2018

Ticket Price: £27.50

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