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#68 Brian May / Almost Cross @ Reading Rivermead Centre 1999 (September 4th)

Brian May / Almost Cross @ Reading Rivermead Centre 1999 September 4th

Support: The Royal Family

Another Queen Fan Club event where myself and Mark once again made our way to. This stands out as being one of the best as it celebrated Freddie Birthday (he would have been 53) while at the same time celebrating 25 years of the Queen Fan Club. It featured Brian May and most of The Cross plus Mark Shaw. Great seeing Brian play a mini set. Would have loved more but hey he played Tie Your Mother Down so I was happy. Also the fabulous (almost) Cross were excellent.

Real shame that Roger wasn't there but have come to expect that over the years to be honest. He does however make an effort unlike John who simply doesn’t want to recognise and accept his past anymore. His choice obviously...and why not I guess.

Ticket: September 4th 1999

Ticket Price: Unknown

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