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#174 David Gray @ Dublin O2 Arena (December 19th 2009)

Support: Regina Spektor

Firstly it was great to see David back at the Point (oh ok the O2 Arena) last night. Secondly it was one of the best concerts I have been to in years. And we lucky people that were there and didn't race off after the encore (never mind those that started leaving after the main set...silly people) were in for a real treat.

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#173 Depeche Mode @ Dublin O2 Arena (December 10th 2009)

Support: SoulSavers

The strange thing about Depeche Mode is I was never, ever, a fan. At least, not until I worked with a guy called Michael. In fact Michael was my boss. A chilled out type of guy who absolutely loved his music…especially with an ‘80’s vibe’ (he often talked like that). Gradually while working with him he lent me just about every album from the Essex lads. Although I 

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#171 Ash @ Dublin Button Factory (November 25th 2009)

Support: Unknown

The Button Factory in Dublin was previously known as The Temple Bar Music Centre, it’s a small venue with a slightly odd layout. Quite long and narrow it can sometimes create a strange atmosphere. Having a bar at the back doesn’t help for the quieter gigs as the clanking of glasses and chatter from the less interested can both annoy and frustrate. The venue is nice and 

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#170 Hothouse Flowers @ Dublin Academy (November 19th 2009)

Support: N/A

I have seen the band so many times I actually have lost count (actually I haven’t this was the 11th time in one form or another). This though was the first time seeing them live for five years and gave me an opportunity to see them in a great Dublin venue. The Academy usually provides a superb atmosphere and is only outweighed in that respect by Whelan’s, Vicar Street 

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#169 Arthur's Day @ Dublin O’Donoghues Pub (September 24th 2009)

Line Up: Lisa Hannigan / Sharon Shannon

Now this was gonna be good. Not so much a gig but a great excuse to get fucked out of my brain on Guinness. Yes today was the very first celebration of Arthur Guinness; the 250 year anniversary no less. What better way to celebrate than to drink lots of the stuff. Making sure I had no plans for the next day so as to give me plenty of HRT (Hangover Recovery Time) 

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#168 Faith No More @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 27th 2009)

Support: Adebisi Shank

Some gigs are a let-down because the artist in question doesn’t play what you wanted to hear, some are a let-down because the artist doesn’t play long enough, others are a let-down because they are simply crap. Then there are those that disappoint because although they are ok you expected so much more. Faith No More fell into this latter category tonight.

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#167 Pearl Jam @ Manchester M.E.N. Arena (August 17th 2009)

Support: Gomez

Unbelievably this was my first time seeing Pearl Jam. I don’t quite understand why I have managed to avoid them over the last twenty years but manage it I have.

Unfortunately I have no ticket as a memento as the pesky arena staff took them off us as we entered the standing area. Bastards. I love to keep all my tickets and am only missing a few. It is 

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#166 U2 @ Dublin Croke Park (July 25th 2009)

Support: Kaiser Chiefs / Republic Of Loose

Great stage, great music, great performance, great concert, great band. Possibly the best ever stage set up I have seen (and I have seen a lot of big ones).

First up were the Republic Of Loose who are a terrific Irish band with a knack for a great melody. Next up were Leeds band The Kaiser Chiefs. A great performance from them here. I 

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#164 James @ Dublin Academy (July 8th 2009)

Support: Unknown

Those occasions when your favourite bands play festival gigs but are not headlining or indeed in the top three or four acts on stage can be a little awkward. The atmosphere can vary widely between no one even looking at the stage to the serious fans at the front. For that reason I didn’t get tickets for the Oxegen festival this year even though I had a great time for 

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#163 AC/DC @ London Wembley Stadium (June 26th 2009)

Support: The Subways / The Answer

The ten day holiday continued on into London and yet another gig. This time we were seeing a concert very much up my street by some mighty rock legends. AC/DC are definitely my type of band. A no nonsense rock group with great tunes and a great show. In the space of a week I had seen Oasis, Take That and now the rock titans themselves. It had been a week 

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#162 Take That @ Manchester Old Trafford Cricket Ground (June 23rd 2009)

Support: The Script

Ok I admit I was unsure about going to this one. The girlfriend really wanted to go and in truth I had dragged her along to many a gig that she had no real interest in going to. To be honest I was embarrassed; very embarrassed. The thought of going to see a boy band (albeit one I actually liked) sent shivers down my spine. My reputation* would take a battering for this. 

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#161 Oasis @ Slane Castle (June 20th 2009)

Support: Prodigy

Third Slane gig for me coming after the Stereophonics in 2002 and the Rolling Stones in 2007. The line up today included The Blizzards, Glasvegas and Kasabian none of which we made it down to see (although I do like all three). A hangover had something to do with that but also the awareness that it would be a long day surrounded by a lot of people…old age

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#160 Def Leppard @ Dublin O2 Arena (June 12th 2009)

Support: Whitesnake / Journey / Tesla

A great triple bill.....well actually it was a great quadro bill (Ok I have no idea if that is actually a term or not. If not it should be) but Tesla were on far too early for me to make and so I had to make do with the three bands. A shame really as I would love to see Tesla live however I get the feeling that they will be a band that won't be over in Ireland too many times.

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#159 Manic Street Preachers @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (June 4th 2009)

Support: In Case Of Fire

The playing of full albums live has always been something I have had mixed views on. I have never been convinced that they work in truth. They can be a little gimmicky. A way to sell tickets I guess. Album gigs can be a strange as the pacing and track order of an album does not necessarily mean the pacing of those songs in that order for a concert will be suitable. It can 

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#158 AC/DC @ Dublin O2 Arena (April 18th 2009)

Support: The Answer

Well you know the world has gone mad when the ticket to an AC/DC concert says 'No Moshing / Crowd Surfing'. What?! Surely that is a must, a necessity, a right. How you cannot mosh at a concert by the legendary band is beyond me. Ok so my crowd surfing days are a long way behind me…in fact they never really begun…but still they can’t stop us having our fun 

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