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#231 Coldplay @ London Eventim Apollo (December 19th 2013)

Line Up: Coldplay / Lily Allen with Special Guests: Robbie Williams, Guy Chambers and Tim Rice Oxley / David Brent & Foregone Conclusion with Special Guest: Dom Johnson / Dynamo / Rizzle Kicks

Hosted By: Fearne Cotton

Coldplay have been involved in the Kids Companycharity for six years and largely kept their involvement under the radar until 2011 when they hosted the first Under 1 Roof concert. On that occasion it was held in the O2Arena and raised nearly half a million for the 

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#229 James @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2013)

Support: Anderson

Six years on from breaking my James cherry in this very venu, I shelled out for my second James VIP experience. Normal price tickets were set at €24.40 which is quite astonishing value for a band together thirty years and with such a back catalogue. Admittedly the VIP tickets were €73.00 but for the extra €48.60 we got to see the soundcheck (Play DeadWhat's The World and Monsters), ask questions (Nope I chickened out), get an exclusive gift (Ok it was only a notebook with a James logo on…but still), get a VIP souvenir laminate (it has 

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#228 Blur @ Dublin Irish Museum Of Modern Art (August 1st 2013)

Support: Bat For Lashes / Strypes

It is 16 years since I last saw Blur live. In fact that was the one and only time I saw them and it was in the not so glamorous surroundings of Hull Ice Arena. Hardly a high point in their career I would imagine but a stellar gig nonetheless. That particular concert was during the period which saw them take the critical baton from Oasis. That year the Manchester band released Be Here Now which was an album that took a serious panning, with Noel Gallagher himself soon dismissing it. Blur, in contrast, released their self-titled long player, an 

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#227 Bruce Springsteen @ Kilkenny Nowlan Park (July 28th 2013)

Support: Imelda May / LAPD / Delorentos

Waking up with a horrible hangover fully clothed, sweating my bollocks off in our small tent was not a good start to the day. Nor was having to queue for the showers, which after a thirty minute wait was not the oasis I had wished for. The cold water did a good job of waking me up…although not enough as it turned out. After walking the 3km into the city centre I 

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#226 Bruce Springsteen @ Kilkenny Nowlan Park (July 27th 2013)

Support: Glen Hansard / Damien Dempsey / Josh Ritter

I have been going to gigs since 1989. In 2010 I began writing a book on live music, specifically the 226 gigs (so far) that I have attended myself. Maintaining this site can be time consuming yet I love doing it. It is my ‘labour of love’; my passion. Through the power of the Internet I get to talk to people with the same love of music. In the last three years I have

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#225 Robbie Williams @ London Wembley Stadium (June 29th 2013)

Support: Olly Murs

The last time I was at Wembley Stadium the crowd wore denim jackets, denim jeans, denim headbands and probably denim underpants. That was for ACDC in 2009. To say the clothing of choice was a little different today is an understatement. Short shorts and glittery tops abound. Ok so the two sets of fans were a little different. The ACDC fan profile was male, 

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#223 Lucky Bones @ Dublin Whelan's (May 22nd 2013)

Support: Edisons

You may not have heard of Lucky Bones. If you have then you have either seen lead singer Eamonn O’Connor play in a pub somewhere in Ireland (or Denmark) or he has served you a pint or two whilst working as a barman in the south of the city. Not very glamorous admittedly but such is the life of a hardworking, talented musician. Fame doesn’t usually fall into 

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#222 Dexys @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (May 2nd 2013)

Support: N/A

‘Restricted View’ said the tickets…a phrase that can send shivers down the spine of any seasoned concert goer but as this was my 27th visit to the best venue in town I had a fair idea that seeing the show wouldn’t be a problem. Sure enough, as we took our seat two rows from the back (I booked late before you ask), we were indeed behind a column but, just as I thought, 

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#221 Biffy Clyro @ Dublin O2 Arena (March 28th 2013)

Support: City And Colour

Ok so here are two things I never knew until this week:

1) Biffy Clyro formed in 1995. Yes they were calling themselves ‘Skrewfish’ and the rather brilliant ‘Kuntozoid Spamcocky’ before settling on their now more familiar name but it is true that the Scottish trio of Simon Neil, and twins James and Ben Johnston started out playing 

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#220 Stereophonics @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 9th 2013)

Support: Gareth Dunlop

The Stereophonics have this week released their first album in four years. Not a particularly long gap for a band now in their third decade but it is something of a departure for the group previously stuck on a two year album / tour schedule since their 1997 debut. In truth they needed to take a break, as after a creative high in 2005 with Language. Sex. Violence. 

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#219 Slash @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 3rd 2013)

Support: Treatment

It is 978 days since I last saw Slash. June 29th 2010. That gig was special for me as it was the gig that the idea for this whole project started developing. As I said that was 978 days ago. Admittedly the book is taking longer than expected. It will be finished though…eventually.

While I have drank a lot of Guinness (as my expanding waistline can testify), gone to a lot of 

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