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#173 Depeche Mode @ Dublin O2 Arena (December 10th 2009)

Support: SoulSavers

The strange thing about Depeche Mode is I was never, ever, a fan. At least, not until I worked with a guy called Michael. In fact Michael was my boss. A chilled out type of guy who absolutely loved his music…especially with an ‘80’s vibe’ (he often talked like that). Gradually while working with him he lent me just about every album from the Essex lads. Although I 

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#121 Depeche Mode @ Dublin Point Theatre (June 26th 2006)

Support: Unknown

My concert buddy on this occasion was big in to the band and it was he that persuaded me to go. He had given me an insight on what they were likely to play and as with the Weezer gig the year before I had managed to get a probable set list burnt for me. In this case I had no real expectations on the concert. Didn't really know what to 

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