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#317 Fish @ London Islington Assembly Hall (December 8th 2018)

Support: Doris Brendel

The last time I was at the Islington Assembly Hall it was only a quarter full (and unfortunately, that's been pretty generous). That night the artist in question did their very best but it was a tough gig for them and the venue did not seem particularly impressive (like a disused creaking school hall). Tonight there were no such ticket struggles for Fish and the Islington Assembly Hall took on a whole new life.

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#265 Fish @ Cambridge Junction (December 7th 2015)

Support: Lazuli

I never, in a million years, thought I would persuade my wife to come with me to see Fish. Not least because she had no idea who he is. Indeed the run up to this gig included questions about why he was called Fish, what his real name was (when answered all I got in return was "no really, what is his real name") and major doubts about the

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