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#292 Guns n Roses @ London Stadium (June 16th 2017)

Support: The Kills / Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

There are some bands that mean more than others. Both globally and personally. For me Guns were one of the most exciting bands on the planet. I saw them a number times in the early '90s when I first discovered there were bands other than Queen (my first and biggest love). Nothing has come close to the feeling of anticipation I felt back in the day when waiting for a GNR gig. They lived breathed rock n roll. They WERE rock n roll.

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#219 Slash @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (March 3rd 2013)

Support: Treatment

It is 978 days since I last saw Slash. June 29th 2010. That gig was special for me as it was the gig that the idea for this whole project started developing. As I said that was 978 days ago. Admittedly the book is taking longer than expected. It will be finished though…eventually.

While I have drank a lot of Guinness (as my expanding waistline can testify), gone to a lot of 

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#208 Guns N Roses @ Dublin O2 Arena (May 17th 2012)

Support: Thin Lizzy / Vengeance & The Panther Queen

"As you may have heard I had a little accident. I'm learning what I can and can't do. I hope you don't mind me moving less than usual, although I'm probably moving a whole lot more than I was the last time I was here…" Axl (17/05/12 - Dublin)

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#178 Guns N Roses @ Dublin O2 Arena (September 1st 2010)

Support: Danko Jones

I love Guns n Roses. Always have and always will….except of course nowadays what counts for Guns is not really Guns. I’m sure that if you are a rock fan then you don’t need telling that these days GNR consist of Axl and a bunch of hired hands; a very talented group of hired hands admittedly, but hired hands nonetheless.

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#176 Slash @ Dublin Vicar Street (June 29th 2010)

Support: Glyder

This is the gig that got the ball rolling for the site and book. This is the gig that I finally realised that I was in the wrong line of business. This is the gig that I went to the night before a potentially important interview. This is the gig that is partly responsible for me not getting the job…well that and the fact that I was useless. You see idea for the book first arose while waiting 

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#119 Guns N Roses @ Download Festival Dublin RDS Arena (June 9th 2006)

Support: Funeral For A Friend / Bullet For My Valentine / Special Guest: Sebastian Bach

Bringing the Download Festival over to Ireland was a great idea in theory but mistakes were made with the line-up and the venue. As a result this was to be the first and last Download in Ireland.

Some of the decisions that were made seemed particularly odd: 

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#20 Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl (May 30th 1993)

Support: The Cult / Soul Asylum / Blind Melon / Special Guests: Ronnie Wood / Michael Monroe

A great weekend of Guns completed with the appearance of the Stone's Ronnie Wood and Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks on a few songs.

Really exciting times seeing GNR live in the early nineties. There are some bands that you get

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#19 Guns N Roses @ Milton Keynes Bowl (May 29th 1993)

Support: The Cult / Soul Asylum / Blind Melon

Another great concert as most of the Guns concerts were over the years. One of the most exciting gigs I have been to...we knew it would be good so we decided in advance that we would make it a double header. Two concerts on successive nights...madness so my mother called it.

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#12 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert @ London Wembley Stadium (April 20th 1992)

Line Up: Queen / Special Guests: Annie Lennox / Bob Geldolf / David Bowie / Def Leppard / Elton John / Extreme / George Michael / Guns n' Roses / Ian Hunter / Lisa Stansfield / Liza Minnelli / Metallica / Mick Ronson / Paul Young / Robert Plant / Seal / Spinal Tap / Tony Iommi / Zucchero

A special day for all Queen fans. We were all highly emotional for the whole concert. Seeing Freddie Mercury on

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#11 Guns N Roses @ London Wembley Stadium (August 31st 1991)

Support: Skid Row / Nine Inch Nails

The 'Illusion' albums were yet to be released at this point but it really didn't matter though....great gig, great experience.

As per usual they (Axl) took a long time to come on...but the girls in the crowd kept the fans entertained while we waited.

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