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#50 Lightning Seeds @ Hull City Hall (November 20th 1996)

Support: The Wannadies / Ed Ball

Great, feel good pop gig from another 'Brit Pop' band. 1996 was the high point for a lot of these bands but the good ones are still going strong in one form or another. With songs like Pure and Lucky You the Lightning Seeds were one of the better ones.

One thing to note.....the ticket actually had the wrong spelling of the band...The Lightening 

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#48 Suede @ Hull City Hall (October 8th 1996)

Support: Geneva

Not Suede at their absolute best but still a good gig from the band that had seen Oasis and Blur overtake them in popularity. Suede came storming back though with another classic album in Coming Up.

Went with my friend, James. Think that’s the only time I ever went with him....he hated it to be fair so

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#23 Little Angels @ Hull City Hall (June 21st 1993)

Support: Cockroach

After the thrill of meeting the band earlier in the day and having my records signed it was time for the sold out show at Hull's City Hall. Another great gig from a rising band who had the world at their feet.

The thing with this band, the reason they were starting to make waves was because they worked hard. Not just on stage

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#3 Marillion @ Hull City Hall (July 9th 1990)

Support: Little Angels

One of the only gigs which I have gone to, to specifically see the support act. They were fabulous but I came away realising how great the new, 'Fish-less', Marillion were. Both bands were spot on. I became a huge fan of The Little Angels during their short lived existence but Marillion, with Steve Hogarth taking over lead vocals, showed me what a

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