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#308 Common People Festival @ Oxford South Park (May 27th 2018)

Line Up: James / Ride / Sparks

Festival crowds can be the worst. People drinking all day, too pissed to watch any of the bands on display, barging into everyone around them, spilling drink on those sat down as they stumble by. The joys. At least the sun was shining (although thunder and lightning were on show in the distant sky) and Oxford looked its magnificent best.

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#274 James @ Birmingham Barclaycard Arena (May 20th 2016)

Support: Jack Savoretti

I love this band. I love that they were formed all the way back in 1982 and hired some guy called Tim to be a dancer. I love that said dancer became the lead singer. I love that they appear to be more creative now than ever before. I love that they have just had a number two studio album (only beaten to the top spot by Adele) and I love

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#271 James @ London HMV Oxford Street (March 18th 2016)

Support: N/A

Record signings can be awkward affairs. Excited fans queuing for ages* for that chance to meet their heroes. In return the artist in question sits down, pen in hand, looking tired, bored and a little fed up at trying to be nice to all their 'Number One Fans'. Fans who own every record they have ever released and who met their partner at a gig of theirs back in 1982...

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#236 James @ London Electric Ballroom (May 28th 2014)

Support: N/A

The day had started badly for James with a disappointing experience on the One Show. After being interviewed they were asked to sing a 2 minute version of Sit Down instead of new song Moving On (as Tim later said on stage it was more like an advert for Sit Down than the song itself). This was a missed opportunity for the BBC as Moving On is a sublime track (with a stunning video) and as much as I love Sit Down we don’t particularly need to hear it on TV again. Luckily it didn’t stop the band being in flying form at Camden’s Electric Ballroom. 

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#229 James @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (August 23rd 2013)

Support: Anderson

Six years on from breaking my James cherry in this very venu, I shelled out for my second James VIP experience. Normal price tickets were set at €24.40 which is quite astonishing value for a band together thirty years and with such a back catalogue. Admittedly the VIP tickets were €73.00 but for the extra €48.60 we got to see the soundcheck (Play DeadWhat's The World and Monsters), ask questions (Nope I chickened out), get an exclusive gift (Ok it was only a notebook with a James logo on…but still), get a VIP souvenir laminate (it has 

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#200 James @ Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (October 27th 2011)

Support: N/A / With: Orchestra Of The Swan / Manchester Consort Choir / Joe Duddell

It would be an understatement to say that I was looking forward to this gig. I always look forward to seeing James play of course, but this tour sounded something extra special. The band would be playing with the ‘Manchester Consort Choir' and ‘Orchestra Of The Swan’ conducted by Joe Duddell. VIP Tickets were duly bought.

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#164 James @ Dublin Academy (July 8th 2009)

Support: Unknown

Those occasions when your favourite bands play festival gigs but are not headlining or indeed in the top three or four acts on stage can be a little awkward. The atmosphere can vary widely between no one even looking at the stage to the serious fans at the front. For that reason I didn’t get tickets for the Oxegen festival this year even though I had a great time for 

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#157 James @ Manchester Central (December 19th 2008)

Support: Athlete

I am not one for exaggerating things but this has to go down as one of my all-time favourite gigs in the history of the world, the universe, the galaxy, ever and ever and ever. Thinking about it there are a few James gigs that would make my top twenty, top ten and even top five. Tonight’s gig will certainly be up there. Everything about it was fantastic…..although my 

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#131 James @ Dublin Olympia Theatre (April 17th 2007)

Support: The Twang

I had always wanted to see James. Unfortunately I only really started to listen to their stuff (other than Sit Down) around 1999 and the Millionaires album. Two years later they had decided to split up and so I thought my chance had gone. Luckily for me (and the legions of James fans) the band decided to reunite in 2006. Would they get on ok? Would they gel? Well 

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