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#306 Wayward Sons @ London O2 Academy 2 Islington (April 25th 2018)

Support: Pete K. Mally

Toby Jepson is a bit of a hero of mine. Fronting the Little Angels back in the late 80s and early 90s coincided with a burgeoning love of rock music for the 16 year old me. The group originated from Scarborough meaning they were a local band just up the road from my home town of Hull. That made them all the more exciting. Local lads doing what we all dreamt of.

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#41 Thunder @ York Barbican Centre (September 28th 1995)

Support: Toby Jepson (Former lead singer of The Little Angels)

Thunder as always did a storming set. Supported by the newly touring Toby Jepson from Little Angels fame.

One of the band's main strengths was the personalities that made up Thunder. A lead singer with a strong rock voice in Danny Bowes. Good guitarists in Luke Morley

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#34 Thunder @ Sheffield City Hall (May 2nd 1995)

Support: Skin / B.l.o.w.

The reliable Thunder would always put on a great rock n roll show. With two great support bands including Blow, who included members of the now defunct Little Angels, and Skin a great night was had. The Behind Closed Doors Tour continued the bands progression from the fabulous Backstreet Symphony debut.

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#29 Little Angels @ London Royal Albert Hall (July 2nd 1994)

Support: Baby Stafford

One of my favourite ever gigs. Went down to London with two of my best friends and fellow Little Angels fanatics, for what was a farewell concert from a great band. I still to this day don't fully understand why they broke up so soon. Success had come their way and they had achieved a number 1 album in the UK with Jam. All appeared to be going

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#26 Little Angels @ Sheffield City Hall (November 30th 1993)

Support: Skin

Another great concert from Little Angels this time with cracking support from British band Skin. At the time I really thought these two bands would make it globally. Wasn't to be but they really knew how to put on a great show.

They toured together quite a bit and they really went hand in hand. Absolutely loved the Little Angels and really do think

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#25 Bon Jovi @ Milton Keynes Bowl (September 18th 1993)

Support: Billy Idol / Little Angels / Manic Street Preachers

Another excellent concert from Bon Jovi on their I'll Sleep When I'm Dead Tour in support of their Keep The Faith album. Recorded live for Radio 1 in the UK hence there is a great bootleg of the gig. As is normal with Bon Jovi set lists change regularly and on the second night an extra 4 song encore was played...of course I wasn't there for that

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#23 Little Angels @ Hull City Hall (June 21st 1993)

Support: Cockroach

After the thrill of meeting the band earlier in the day and having my records signed it was time for the sold out show at Hull's City Hall. Another great gig from a rising band who had the world at their feet.

The thing with this band, the reason they were starting to make waves was because they worked hard. Not just on stage

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#22 Little Angels @ Hull HMV (June 21st 1993)

Support: N/A

Fabulous day of Litte Angels music starting off with an in store appearance at Hull's HMV. In the evening they were to play Hull's City Hall but during the day they played a few songs in the main HMV record store followed by a record signing. I'd been hit by a cricket ball a few days previously and so looked like I had one eye about to fall out. As the

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#8 Little Angels @ Sheffield University Octagon Centre (May 17th 1991)

Support: RPLA

Myself and my friends couldn't get enough of the lads music and so off we went again a few months after the last gig. I couldn't wait to see the band live every time we booked tickets. One of the few bands that I really would travel long distances to see. They were that good that you always came away feeling that this is a band that would be huge.

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#7 Little Angels @ Bradford St. George's Hall (March 7th 1991)

Support: Katmandu

I was a huge fan of rock music by this stage and Little Angels were one of my favourites. They played a good time rock and roll brand of music and being Yorkshire lads from Scarborough they had a hard working approach to the live shows. They never seemed to give less than 100% and with lead singer

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#3 Marillion @ Hull City Hall (July 9th 1990)

Support: Little Angels

One of the only gigs which I have gone to, to specifically see the support act. They were fabulous but I came away realising how great the new, 'Fish-less', Marillion were. Both bands were spot on. I became a huge fan of The Little Angels during their short lived existence but Marillion, with Steve Hogarth taking over lead vocals, showed me what a

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