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#315 Elle King @ London Bush Hall (October 2nd 2018)

Support: Mega

How you come to hear about an artist can vary greatly. It can be via the radio, TV or increasingly of course, social media. The latter is pretty much the same as the traditional word of mouth. For me, with Elle King, it was through a Stephen King tweet in March 2015. Six months later, I was stood watching her on stage in London at the very cool Lexington, and again a month later at the equally cool Electrwerkz.

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#244 Justin Currie @ London Bush Hall (November 19th 2014)

Support: Ella the Bird

I learnt one new thing about Justin Currie tonight…he is one hell of a funny man. He was cracking jokes, quips and kept up a comedy double act with the roadie all evening. In between all that he also played an excellent 100 minute set.

He may be fast approaching 50 (sorry Justin) but he is still looking as dapper as ever and 

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