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#297 Struts @ London Electric Ballroom (September 18th 2017)

Support: Bang Bang Romeo

The Struts attract a variety of fans, from Little Mix loving teenage girls (bass player Jed Edwards is the boyfriend of a Little Mixer), to ageing rockers (with an alarming variety of hair styles). Noticeably though the Derby band's crowd seems to be gradually turning into a more typical rock audience. This may, in part, be due to the ever growing American support slots with the likes of the Foo Fighters, Motley Crue, The Who and The Stones.

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#287 Monster Truck @ London Electric Ballroom (March 22nd 2017)

Support: The Picturebooks

It seems silly to post this in the light of the days tragic events...but London keeps on rolling. Nothing will stop it. Fuck everyone that tries. Camden Town is such a vibrant place, although understandably a little more sombre than usual tonight. In the middle of Camden, surrounded by pubs and tattooists, is the Electric Ballroom. It was packed and defiant. Life really does go on.

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#236 James @ London Electric Ballroom (May 28th 2014)

Support: N/A

The day had started badly for James with a disappointing experience on the One Show. After being interviewed they were asked to sing a 2 minute version of Sit Down instead of new song Moving On (as Tim later said on stage it was more like an advert for Sit Down than the song itself). This was a missed opportunity for the BBC as Moving On is a sublime track (with a stunning video) and as much as I love Sit Down we don’t particularly need to hear it on TV again. Luckily it didn’t stop the band being in flying form at Camden’s Electric Ballroom. 

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