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#286 Ladyhawke @ London Koko (February 15th 2017)

Support: Isle

I like a lot of music styles. At least I think I do. Then again most people that say they have an eclectic taste in music...really don't. The gigs I go to usually involve loud guitars and over long drum solos. Ladyhawke (Pip Brown) definitely doesn't fit into that category. She ain't no Whitesnake. There are similarities though. Both have dodgy hairstyles and wear clothes that were stylish in 1976.

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#279 Izzy Bizu @ London Koko (September 14th 2016)

Support: Jay Prince / Lily Oakes

First time at Camden's Koko for me. We were here to see singer Izzy Bizu. The gig, originally set to take place in June, is a showcase for her debut album (A Moment of Madness) released a few weeks ago.

Koko is a grand old building, old style yet quirky as hell. Magnificent. Tonight it was packed and was buzzing with life from the off with an excellent support set from Jay Prince

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