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#305 Def Leppard @ London Royal Albert Hall (March 25th 2018)

Support: Slydigs

I'd always meant to get to one of the Teenage Cancer Trust concerts (the first one being way back in 2000) but for some reason never did. That is not to say I have never been at the Albert Hall. Back during the 6 months or so when I was reasonably cool (sometime in the the mid 90's) I saw the Little Angels and Eric Clapton here (although in truth it is harder to not see Mr Clapton at this venue). Those two shows seem like a lifetime ago although I did have afternoon tea here with my lovely wife a few years back...not very rock n roll admittedly.

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#29 Little Angels @ London Royal Albert Hall (July 2nd 1994)

Support: Baby Stafford

One of my favourite ever gigs. Went down to London with two of my best friends and fellow Little Angels fanatics, for what was a farewell concert from a great band. I still to this day don't fully understand why they broke up so soon. Success had come their way and they had achieved a number 1 album in the UK with Jam. All appeared to be going

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