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#298 Living Colour @ London Student Central (October 1st 2017)

Support: Stone Broken

It's 29 years since Cult of Personality blasted on to MTV screens. Earning Living Colour a Grammy and multiple MTV awards the song was a huge success and put the band firmly in the spotlight. They were a welcome change from much of the usual MTV fare at the time which, in the late 80's seemed to show just ten videos on repeat....and eight of those were Phil Collins (actually I just checked and that's a complete lie...would love to see these on MTV now).

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#296 Stereophonics @ London Student Central (August 25th 2017)

Support: N/A

Some 20 years ago the Stereophonics played the ULU. Two decades later they were back celebrating the anniversary of their debut album, released this very day in 1997. Word Gets Around being 20 years old is pretty scary. So much has happened to the band since its release. The success they have had has been one of consistency with huge highs (2002 at Slane Castle) and occasional gut wrench lows (the untimely death of former drummer Stuart Cable).

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#293 Ian Hunter & The Rant Band @ London Student Central (June 28th 2017)

Support: Worry Dolls

Do you remember Mott the Hoople? I thought everyone did, however in the lead up to this show anybody I mentioned it to had no idea who they or Ian Hunter was. Crazy right? Admittedly the people I talked to were not 43 year old wannabe rockers like myself...but still. How can you not know?

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