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#275 Bruce Springsteen @ London Wembley Stadium (June 5th 2016)

Support: N/A

We knew the drill. Get there early. Queue up. Get in the pit. See Bruce. Then profess your undying love for the man to all that will listen. All good. Seemed straightforward enough. Usually works. Alas complacency and the size of the venue led us to not get in the pit this time. Gutting...but despite this we were only a few back from the pit barrier and centre stage. It would have to do.

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#225 Robbie Williams @ London Wembley Stadium (June 29th 2013)

Support: Olly Murs

The last time I was at Wembley Stadium the crowd wore denim jackets, denim jeans, denim headbands and probably denim underpants. That was for ACDC in 2009. To say the clothing of choice was a little different today is an understatement. Short shorts and glittery tops abound. Ok so the two sets of fans were a little different. The ACDC fan profile was male, 

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#163 AC/DC @ London Wembley Stadium (June 26th 2009)

Support: The Subways / The Answer

The ten day holiday continued on into London and yet another gig. This time we were seeing a concert very much up my street by some mighty rock legends. AC/DC are definitely my type of band. A no nonsense rock group with great tunes and a great show. In the space of a week I had seen Oasis, Take That and now the rock titans themselves. It had been a week 

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#72 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (August 20th 2000)

Support: Toploader / Dum Dums

So I was all alone for the second night at Wembley. I remember sitting down in the August sun near the front of the stadium without anything to read or look at (no mobile phone to play with still). How lonely it can be. I became a little paranoid and wondered if people were talking about the "sad loner over there" Once everyone stood up though

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#71 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (August 19th 2000)

Support: Toploader / Dum Dums

A double header at London's most famous venue. Bon Jovi were to be the last band to play the stadium before they knocked it down and started all over again. A few of us met up for another double header which certainly didn't disappoint. Unfortunately I was to be the only one of us to do both gigs and so I was left all on my own for a stadium

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#39 Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium (July 15th 1995)

Support: Black Crowes

First of a double header. Right down to the front again in time for the Black Crowes (another good time rock n roll band). I had a love / hate relationship with the Black Crowes at the time. I thought they had wasted a lot of their potential after their great debut album. However in later years I came to appreciate their other material a lot more. 

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#36 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (June 25th 1995)

Support: Van Halen / Ugly Kid Joe / Crown Of Thorns

Second night of our double header but actually the third night of 3 sold out shows for Bon Jovi. With Van Halen once again supporting with the fabulous Thunder also on board it was another great gig.

The shows were simply amazing. Nothing much more to add to that and what I said about the 

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#35 Bon Jovi @ London Wembley Stadium (June 24th 1995)

Support: Van Halen / Thunder /  Crown Of Thorns

One of the best Bon Jovi gigs I have been to. At the time they were touring These Days which was a great album and so made the gig even better. Went to two concerts on successive nights.

Supported by Van Halen with Sammy Hagar in full flow and the always reliable Thunder the 

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#12 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert @ London Wembley Stadium (April 20th 1992)

Line Up: Queen / Special Guests: Annie Lennox / Bob Geldolf / David Bowie / Def Leppard / Elton John / Extreme / George Michael / Guns n' Roses / Ian Hunter / Lisa Stansfield / Liza Minnelli / Metallica / Mick Ronson / Paul Young / Robert Plant / Seal / Spinal Tap / Tony Iommi / Zucchero

A special day for all Queen fans. We were all highly emotional for the whole concert. Seeing Freddie Mercury on

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#11 Guns N Roses @ London Wembley Stadium (August 31st 1991)

Support: Skid Row / Nine Inch Nails

The 'Illusion' albums were yet to be released at this point but it really didn't matter though....great gig, great experience.

As per usual they (Axl) took a long time to come on...but the girls in the crowd kept the fans entertained while we waited.

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#10 INXS @ London Wembley Stadium (July 13th 1991)

Line Up: INXS / Hothouse Flowers / Debbie Harry / Jesus Jones / Roachford / Jellyfish

A varied line up for the Summer XS gig. I was and still am a big fan of INXS, not the coolest band ever but they played some great funky rock music (I sound pathetically out of touch don't I?) which went down well. I was also a fan of The Hothouse Flowers 

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