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#248 Marillion @ London Forum (December 11th 2014)

Support: Luke Jackson

Before the gig keyboardist Mark Kelly walked on stage and requested a camera free crowd. Refreshingly I saw very few on show (I admit I took one pic). A cooperative bunch these Marillion fans. Mainly men to be fair so no corrupting female influence. Indeed the term cockfest can be used to describe the make up of the crowd tonight. Most in black band T-Shirts from tours over the last 30 years. As for myself I don't own a Marillion T-Shirt. I nearly bought one back in 1990 at Hull City Hall...but I was 16 and broke.

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#3 Marillion @ Hull City Hall (July 9th 1990)

Support: Little Angels

One of the only gigs which I have gone to, to specifically see the support act. They were fabulous but I came away realising how great the new, 'Fish-less', Marillion were. Both bands were spot on. I became a huge fan of The Little Angels during their short lived existence but Marillion, with Steve Hogarth taking over lead vocals, showed me what a

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