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#304 Then Jerico @ London Troubadour (February 4th 2018)

Support: N/A

Tonight started a little oddly...however, what initially promised to be a rather strange and cold evening, ended up being a reminder of what an excellent performer Mark Shaw is. Why strange? Well the venue may be full of character and music history (Dylan played London for the first time at this very place) but with the stage in the corner at a right angle (splitting the venue in two) and with the crowd dynamic a little unusual, it really did feel that like this was going to be an odd one.

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#68 Brian May / Almost Cross @ Reading Rivermead Centre 1999 (September 4th)


Support: The Royal Family

Another Queen Fan Club event where myself and Mark once again made our way to. This stands out as being one of the best as it celebrated Freddie Birthday (he would have been 53) while at the same time celebrating 25 years of the Queen Fan Club. It featured Brian May and most of The Cross plus Mark Shaw. Great seeing Brian play

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#61 Cross / SAS Band @ London Cine Bar (December 13th 1997)

With: The Cross (sort of), Mark Shaw, Chris Thompson, Bohemians

As always a great Queen Fan Club party at Christmas. This time the venue was the Cine Bar in London.

The fan club events are always fun and you never know who will turn up. Spike Edney (Google him) is a legend and always has a great time with a band of randomers. On this occasion Mark Shaw (ex of Then Jerico) was joined by

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#43 SAS Band @ London The Orange Club (October 28th / 29th 1995)

Line Up: SAS Band (Spike's All Stars) inc Jimmy Barnes / Mark Shaw / Spike Edney / Tony Hadley etc

Support: Deja Who, DNA Cowboys

Queen fan club weekend starting off with a concert by the SAS Band in a small London club. Great entertainment as always. A Who cover band supported...go figure.

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