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#313 Queen and Adam Lambert @ London O2 Arena (July 2nd 2018)

An A- Z of Queen and Adam Lambert

A is for ADAM: Lambert showing yet again what a performer he is. Such a strong voice. The perfect front man to play the classic songs

B is for BICYCLE RACE: Adam on a bike. With flowers. Why the hell not

C is for CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE: The band huddled together at the front playing the Freddie classic

D is for DRUM BATTLE: Roger at the front and Tyler Warren on stage for one of the better drum solos you will see

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#303 Queen and Adam Lambert @ London SSE Arena Wembley (December 15th 2017)

Support: N/A

I’m a big Queen fan. Have been since I was a little kid. Growing up the house was always filled with Freddie's voice whether it was played by my elder brothers or parents. Queen always did appeal to a wide range of age groups and the makeup of tonight's crowd showed that was still very much the case.  Indeed men and women of all ages where here at London's Wembley Arena. The band's music has meant so much to me over the years and seeing May and Taylor live is always a thrill. Now they sing with an American Idol runner up. 

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#251 Queen and Adam Lambert @ London O2 Arena (January 17th 2015)

Support: N/A

I’m a Queen fan. A big Queen fan. Have been since I can remember. Seeing May and Taylor on the big stage is a wonderful thing for me. Nothing else really matters...I went to a number of shows on the two Queen and Paul Rodgers tours and enjoyed them immensely; that though always felt like an odd combination; a blues rock singer, singing songs from a band that were as far away from blues as Brian May is from joining a Boxing Day Hunt.

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#246 SAS Band @ Guildford G Live (December 6th 2014)

Line Up: SAS Band / Chris Thompson / FABBA Girls / Madeline Bell / Melanie C / Mick Wilson / Paul Young / Patti Russo / Tom Robinson

Support: Kyla & Natalie Stroud

Twenty years of the SAS Band. A random collection of artists (led by Spike Edney and including Neil Murray and Jamie Moses) who get together to play good music. Just for the hell of it. No particular reason to do it. Nothing in particular to promote.

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#204 SAS Band @ London Clapham Grand (November 25th 2011)

Line Up: SAS Band / Brian May / Chris Thompson / Kerry Ellis / Madeline Bell / Patti Russo / Tony Vincent / FABBA Girls

It was time again for another Queen Fan Club event, the occasion was a big one of course…remembering Freddie Mercury's passing twenty years ago. I remember hearing of his death early on the Monday morning on breakfast news as I was on my way to school. Shocked 

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#154 Queen and Paul Rodgers @ Prague O2 Arena (October 31st 2008)

Support: N/A

My Queen pilgrimage continued this time abroad in the beautiful city of Prague. Didn't fancy taking Mark with me this time, instead the wife took little persuading in coming with me....the four day city break played a part I would imagine.

The city is wonderful and many fans had made the trek from all over Europe for the gig. The 

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#153 Queen and Paul Rodgers @ Liverpool Echo Arena (October 18th 2008)

Support: N/A

Our Queen pilgrimage now took us to Liverpool, a city that I had never been to previously apart from driving through to catch a ferry. A quite beautiful city as it turns out (at least the centre of it is) with fantastic old buildings and a modern, efficient and well run arena (of which there now seems to be more and more around the UK). I have said before that arenas are a 

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#152 Queen and Paul Rodgers @ Birmingham NIA (October 16th 2008)

Support: N/A

Three years after the first Q+PR tour the lads got together again for another jaunt around the world. This time they were playing gigs on the back of a new studio album, The Cosmos Rocks which included the excellent guitar heavy single C-lebrity.

Ok so this isn't Queen. Queen had Freddie Mercury as a lead singer and John Deacon as the typically quiet

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#108 Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Dublin Point Theatre (May 14th 2005)

Support: N/A

Third night seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers, this time in my home town of Dublin (well ok I'm actually from Hull but Dublin is where I live...).

At this time the Point Theatre really wasn't the best venue. It had seen better days to be honest; however myself and friend Alan got close enough to enjoy the show. If you got 

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#107 Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Manchester MEN Arena (May 4th 2005)

Support: N/A / Encore introduced by Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness

Second night seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers and what a great show. Felt it was even better than the previous show. First attempt from them playing Under Pressure together as well which was great.

The two best things from the show for me were:

- Love, love, love Fat Bottomed Girls. The guitar in that song is vastly underrated

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#106 Queen And Paul Rodgers @ Newcastle Metro Arena (May 3rd 2005)

Support: N/A

This was the first of two consecutive nights seeing Queen and Paul Rodgers. Now before I start I should point out that I am a huge Queen fan and always have been since very young. My eldest brother played their records all the time and I just loved what I heard. That same brother now has no interest in music and hasn't for the last 25 years. Kind of odd but hopefully it wasn't Queen that put him off! I used to be embarrassed to say I was a Queen fan; I still get weird looks from people when I tell them this. I suppose they aren't cool and never have been...maybe why they were so successful. 

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#74 SAS Band @ London Ocean Club (November 24th 2001)

Support: Maybe / The Champions

Over 400 days since my previous gig. I had never had such a gap between concerts before (and haven't since). The reason? Moving country.

It was during early 2001 that I moved over to be with my then girlfriend (Fiona) and it had severely curtailed my gig going. However a few things happened:

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#69 SAS Band @ Queen Convention Prestatyn Pontins Holiday Camp (May 6th 2000)

Support: N/A

First gig of the new millennium was at another Queen Fan Club event. Again the SAS Band who at this stage consisted of three members of The Cross (led by Spike Edney). Indeed at the previous gig in September they were billed as The Almost Cross. Highly entertaining as per usual of course. The fantastic Mark Shaw proving 

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#68 Brian May / Almost Cross @ Reading Rivermead Centre 1999 (September 4th)


Support: The Royal Family

Another Queen Fan Club event where myself and Mark once again made our way to. This stands out as being one of the best as it celebrated Freddie Birthday (he would have been 53) while at the same time celebrating 25 years of the Queen Fan Club. It featured Brian May and most of The Cross plus Mark Shaw. Great seeing Brian play

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#65 Roger Taylor @ Sheffield Leadmill (March 21st 1999)

Support: Treana Morris

Was supposed to go and see Roger the night before in Manchester as well but more arguments with the wife meant that I couldn't do it.....made sure I got to this one though. Great to see Roger again. Great gig as per usual especially the crowd pleasing finale of Radio Ga Ga. 

Wife left me ten days later on April 1st (yes April Fool’s Day). Sad at the time but music really 

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#63 Brian May @ Sheffield City Hall (November 2nd 1998)

Support: Six Stone Six

Managed to ditch the wife for this concert and went along with fellow Queen fan and good friend Mark (my partner in crime with all things Queen related). Another great Brian May gig with plenty of Queen classics thrown in again. Tonight we had the added bonus of Beatles classic, With A Little Help From My Friends added to the encore.

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#62 Brian May @ Manchester Apollo (October 31st 1998)

Support: Deadline

Dragged my then wife along to see the axe master himself Mr May. She was miserable and moaned all the way through it. I loved it, but we were up in the gods at the Apollo. Thankfully she didn't come along a few days later to the Sheffield gig. At this stage I thought all women should be banned from concerts. I did eventually change my mind. Eventually.

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#61 Cross / SAS Band @ London Cine Bar (December 13th 1997)

With: The Cross (sort of), Mark Shaw, Chris Thompson, Bohemians

As always a great Queen Fan Club party at Christmas. This time the venue was the Cine Bar in London.

The fan club events are always fun and you never know who will turn up. Spike Edney (Google him) is a legend and always has a great time with a band of randomers. On this occasion Mark Shaw (ex of Then Jerico) was joined by

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#43 SAS Band @ London The Orange Club (October 28th / 29th 1995)

Line Up: SAS Band (Spike's All Stars) inc Jimmy Barnes / Mark Shaw / Spike Edney / Tony Hadley etc

Support: Deja Who, DNA Cowboys

Queen fan club weekend starting off with a concert by the SAS Band in a small London club. Great entertainment as always. A Who cover band supported...go figure.

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#31 SAS Band @ Gosport Festival Walpole Park (July 29th 1994)

Line Up: SAS Band (Spike's All Stars) inc Chris Thompson / Cozy Powell / Jamie Moses / Kiki Dee / Neil Murray / Paul Young / Spike Edney / Tony Hadley etc

Second day of a great weekend and a great festival. Billed as Spike's Party Night and Guests this was in fact the very first outing of The SAS Band which was and still is a loose collection of musicians that was known as The

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