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#307 Rolling Stones @ London Stadium (May 22nd 2018)

Support: Liam Gallagher

I had almost forgotten how much I hate stadium crowds. Thankfully tonight was there to remind me in A-Z of things that annoy me at may want to take a deep breath: Pissed teenagers, pissed 'this is my only night out this year' 50 somethings, pissed pensioners angrily admonishing anyone near them, the very strong smell of joints, twenty somethings pissing in plastic cups, loud Argentinians, girls getting on shoulders of every guy directly in front of me and the general feeling that half the crowd had never been to a concert in their lives.

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#136 Rolling Stones @ Slane Castle (August 18th 2007)

Support: Charlatans

Info: It was time again for a Stones gig…this the band’s sole Irish show on their Bigger Bang tour. Not just any gig this though but they were playing at one of Ireland's most scenic concert venues, Slane Castle. A wonderful setting for a gig. I had previously been to see the Stereophonics headline here a few years before but got stuck at the back of the venue on that 

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#90 Rolling Stones @ Dublin Point Theatre (September 9th 2003)

Support: N/A

Managed to get last minute tickets to see the Stones play in Dublin's main concert arena. After the highs of the Twickenham gig the month before I was thrilled to be able to get to see the band in an arena. The gig was great as would be expected and we even got to see Andrea Corr join the band for a duet on Wild Horses. However the 

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#89 Rolling Stones @ London Twickenham Stadium (August 24th 2003)

Support: Starsailor

Sooooo I had broken up with the girlfriend (Caoimhe) just over two months before this gig and as a result had a spare ticket. I offered it to a female work friend. She was a huge music fan and loved the Stones and was obviously delighted at the unexpected opportunity....not for long though. You see I wrongly presumed that myself and Caoimhe

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#67 Rolling Stones @ Sheffield Don Valley Stadium 1999 (June 6th)

Support: Sheryl Crow

Fifth straight gig in Sheffield but at a fourth different venue. Weird looking back at things like that or maybe it's me just being a geek again. I had actually forgotten that I had seen Sheryl Crow supporting the Stones on this occasion. An artist I have always admired....and I'll be honest I fancied. I once told a girlfriend that she looked like

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#39 Rolling Stones @ London Wembley Stadium (July 15th 1995)

Support: Black Crowes

First of a double header. Right down to the front again in time for the Black Crowes (another good time rock n roll band). I had a love / hate relationship with the Black Crowes at the time. I thought they had wasted a lot of their potential after their great debut album. However in later years I came to appreciate their other material a lot more. 

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#37 Rolling Stones @ Paris Hippodrome De Longchamp (June 30th 1995)

Support: Bon Jovi

The first of four Stones concerts myself and fellow Stones fan (and original gig partner Andy) attended over a period of a little over two weeks. For this particular gig in Paris we had persuaded my brother James to accompany us on the long coach trip from Nottingham in the UK over to Paris....and boy was it long. The lack of air conditioning

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