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#311 Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott @ Thetford Forest (June 9th 2018)

Support: Billy Bragg 

Thetford Forest gigs rock. Zero hassle. Turn up. Park the car. Take note of car park name (Rabbit). Walk 5 minutes. Say hello to the cheery volunteers. Nip to the toilet (clean port-a-loos). Wander to the front of the the arena. No pushing. No groans. No annoying stares. Why? Everyone is already where they want to be. Most are in place with smug looks on their faces sitting in deckchairs with picnics out, waterproofs on (5% chance of rain) and are happy as Larry. Donington this is not but it certainly is bloody well organised.

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#277 Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott @ Thetford Forest (July 2nd 2016)

Support: Stornoway / The Devlin Brothers

You never know what a gig will be like. Will the artist be on form? Will they be up for it? Hell will they even turn up? Some shows though are home bankers. Never in doubt. 100% nailed on going to be good. Paul Heaton gigs always fall into this category. This was my first 'forest gig' so it helps when you go with seasoned...

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