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#299 MTV Presents @ London Trafalgar Square (November 11th 2017)

Line Up: David Guetta, U2

Standing, freezing cold, in Trafalgar Square on a Saturday night drinking £5 bottles of Fosters is not normally my idea of fun. However tonight, for 45 minutes we saw a set of old and new songs from one of the world's biggest bands. Here as part of the build up for the MTV EMAs (first time in London since 1996) the band play on a stage with Nelsons column overlooking.

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#166 U2 @ Dublin Croke Park (July 25th 2009)

Support: Kaiser Chiefs / Republic Of Loose

Great stage, great music, great performance, great concert, great band. Possibly the best ever stage set up I have seen (and I have seen a lot of big ones).

First up were the Republic Of Loose who are a terrific Irish band with a knack for a great melody. Next up were Leeds band The Kaiser Chiefs. A great performance from them here. I 

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#110 U2 @ Dublin Croke Park (June 25th 2005)

Support: Paddy Casey

Only my second time seeing U2 (should have been so many more times but always seemed to be bad timing). My brothers were over from the UK for a few days and I had a spare ticket for the concert. Nick didn't want to go which meant I dragged my eldest brother, James, along. I have said previously that he isn't a massive music fan these days but even he had a good time....although he did seem to be 

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