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#309 Volbeat @ London House Of Vans (Tunnel 3) (May 30th 2018)

Support: N/A

A slightly different take on what turned out to be a great gig at the House of Vans...

Tunnel 3 tonight not 2. 850 people. Aim to get in about 8.30, loads of time, they wont be on until 9 after all. Yay wrist bands, feeling pretty smug. What's that you say? Free ticket no guarantee of entry...didn't know that. Oh wow hang on, we can't get in? Too full you say? Why the fuck is that? We got tickets, hell we got wrist bands. No one telling us what is going on. Will we get in? Shall we leave? Yes let's leave. Ah no hang on Ella looks upset.

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#239 Download Festival @ Castle Donington Donington Park (June 15th 2014)

Headliner: Aerosmith

Who I Saw:  Aerosmith / Pretty Reckless / Steel Panther / Volbeat / Richie Sambora with Orianthi / Buckcherry

Remarkably we woke up on Sunday morning feeling relatively fresh…I stress the word ‘relatively’ there. Despite this we had both come to the conclusion that we didn’t actually have to stay in the tent for a third night…in fact we came up with the excellent idea of packing up early and getting everything in the car in the morning. This meant that after seeing Aerosmith we could leave straight away. 

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