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#158 AC/DC @ Dublin O2 Arena (April 18th 2009)

AC/DC - Dublin O2 Arena April 18th 2009

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Well you know the world has gone mad when the ticket to an AC/DC concert says 'No Moshing / Crowd Surfing'. What?! Surely that is a must, a necessity, a right. How you cannot mosh at a concert by the legendary band is beyond me. Ok so my crowd surfing days are a long way behind me…in fact they never really begun…but still they can’t stop us having our fun surely?

I did try to instigate a crowd surf once but my mates weren’t having any of it. To be fair they gave me a few valid reasons:

  1)    You work in a bank you ain’t no Axl Rose

  2)    You are 21...grow up already (!)

  3)    You are a fat cunt so fuck off

Apart from their colourful choice of words and their quite frankly hurtful dig at my then overweightness (is that actually a word?) I could understand where they were coming from. However as I write this some fifteen years later, I now think…WTF…yes I worked in a bank but I was 21 for Ozzy’s sake. I had my youthful stupidity.

Anyway as I have already mentioned my crowd surfing days are behind me but moshing is still a must. The thing is the crowd at an AC/DC concert is an unusual one in many respects. At a Status Quo gig for example you get a crowd full of fifty plus year old men wearing denim jackets, denim jeans, hell let’s face it they probably wear denim underwear. At a Beady Eye gig you get mainly thirty – forty year old men wearing indie clothes (see Liam Gallagher). At an AC/DC gig though there is a bigger cross section of fans these days. Tonight there were people of all ages and plenty of females as well. Ok there were still plenty of older guys in the denim, every rock gig has its fair share (I am banned from wearing denim jackets by the way – the wife says I would look like Les Battersby from Coronation Street – English Soap Opera for those unfamiliar) but in the main the crowd is an impressive mix of ages and gender. As a result of the mix though there wasn’t so much moshing being done where I was stood. Ok I wasn’t right up at the front but I was hoping for some more movement than I got tonight. Ah well, maybe next time.

As for the band well this was my first time seeing AC/DC and I loved it. I would suggest that the arena isn’t the best venue to see them which is why I also booked to see them a few months later at Wembley Stadium in London. They are a big band and deserve a big stage although having said that they were pretty freaking awesome tonight.

The video that is shown in the build up to them bursting on to the stage is pure AC/DC. Sexist yes; but so goddam funny. Check it out on You Tube. The video led into cracking new song Rock N Roll Train which in its short life has already become a classic song. New songs Black Ice, Anything Goes and War Machine are also played from the new album and are all warmly received however it is the old favourites that we are here to see and Back in Black, Thunderstruck, You Shook Me All Night Long, Hells Bells, T.N.T, Rosie and Let There Be Rock are all superb. Also let’s not forget The Jack, with Angus Young doing his infamous strip tease all the way down to his AC/DC boxer shorts…the wife wasn’t impressed by that saying that he looked like Steptoe. Ok he may not be a looker but he is a great show man and his guitar solo work is up there with the best.

For the encore it really can’t get any better than Highway To Hell and one of the best live rock songs you will ever hear in For Those About To Rock (We Salute You). Cue mass explosions and pure joy in the crowd.

Ok so there may not have been any moshing or crowd surfing allowed but the crowd tonight responded loudly to a great performance from a mighty band. Onwards to Wembley Stadium to see them on the greatest stage of all. 

Ticket: April 18th 2009

Ticket Price: €67.70

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