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#163 AC/DC @ London Wembley Stadium (June 26th 2009)

AC/DC - London Wembley Stadium June 26th 2009

Support: The Subways / The Answer

The ten day holiday continued on into London and yet another gig. This time we were seeing a concert very much up my street by some mighty rock legends. AC/DC are definitely my type of band. A no nonsense rock group with great tunes and a great show. In the space of a week I had seen Oasis, Take That and now the rock titans themselves. It had been a week with three very different artists that in many ways sums up my music taste. Indie, Pop, Rock. Nothing wrong (or particularly different I suppose) with that in my view and certainly not when all three artists excel in their particular fields.

We made our way down to Wembley for the gig with no real intention of getting there really early as neither support band stood out for me at the time as being worth turning up for. In fact we arrived into the legendary stadium just after The Subways had finished. This was my first time back at Wembley since its reopening and oh how it had changed.

Wembley Stadium it appears is no longer the old venue with its crumbling brick work, crumbling architecture, shabby seating, shabby food stands…shabby staff. Instead we had all shiny, all singing, all dancing, brand new everything. An impressive sight and it must be said that the whole set up was highly efficient and the staff seemed to know what they were doing. Honestly though I still miss Wembley’s twin towers…how could they get rid of them…??? Ah well the pluses of the new stadium far outweigh the minuses as it really is a delight. It may have lost some of its character but there is no doubt that it will continue to be one of the premier music venues in the world.

So what about the band? Well I had only seen them a few months previously in Dublin’s O2 Arena so knew what to expect. I was maybe pushing it bringing the girlfriend along again. From her point of view she was seeing a band, she only quite liked, twice in the space of two months. On top of that the set list was identical except for the addition of one song; Let There Be Rock’s second track Dog Eat Dog.

As it turns out even though the songs were the same they seemed different as AC/DC belong on the biggest stages. The show is different in this environment. For instance even though the opening is technically the same, on this scale it really did blow me away. Rock and Roll Train is an instant AC/DC classic and the crowd was jumping as the band burst on stage after the great cartoon footage intro…an intro which summed the band up perfectly: Sexist / Humorous / Rockin’…What more could you want from them?

The Let There Be Rock guitar solo from Angus was on such a bigger scale here that it was literally taken to another level with Angus first walking out into the middle of the stadium on the runway and then being lifted up above the crowd on a platform.

Encoring of course with Highway To Hell and For Those About To Rock gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. As the tickertape came down and the crowd roared their approval all seemed well in the world. So all in all a good gig yet I probably enjoyed the show in Dublin better but that was probably because it was all new to me. I had been dying to see them live for years and finally I had got my wish. Coming just the two months after and not changing the set list much meant that the wow factor had gone. I really would have liked more than the 20 songs we got but they are a great live band all the same. Not up there with Springsteen and Bon Jovi for length of shows but they certainly give their crowd music to get the pulses racing.

Ticket: June 26th 2009

Ticket Price: £55.00

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