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#52 Aerosmith @ Birmingham NEC Arena (May 31st 1997)

Aerosmith @ Birmingham NEC Arena May 31st 1997

Support: Shed Seven

Finally got to see Aerosmith headlining their own gig after previously seeing them second on the bill at Donington in 1990. Class from Tyler and co but I left wanting more (which is often stated as the correct thing to do). Really felt that they should have played longer but I guess I was spoilt at the time from the many Bon Jovi and Guns n Roses gigs that gave good value for money. 

An excellent gig though although would have loved to have got standing tickets and not be sat. Hate going to rock gigs and sitting down, acoustic gigs no problem, but when you gotta rock you gotta mosh.

A great band who I wish would tour the UK more often.

Ticket: May 31st 1997

Ticket Price: ¬£17.50

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