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#133 Aerosmith @ Dublin Marlay Park (June 26th 2007)

Aerosmith @ Dublin Marlay Park June 26th 2007

Support: Chris Cornell

A rather lack lustre stage set up in the picturesque setting of Marlay Park. Not my favourite venue in Dublin by any means but tonight the place where Aerosmith would be headlining with the added bonus of great support from Chris Cornell.

There are not many support acts that I make sure to turn up for but then again Chris Cornell is hardly a support act. Having fronted Soundgarden and Audioslave and now touring in support of his burgeoning solo career he was a must see. Playing a selection of songs from across his career he certainly entertained the crowd. The outstanding Hunger Strike was the highlight for me but in truth he could sing my shopping list and it would sound good. Great voice.

Aerosmith are always a crowd pleasing band and they still have the energy to put on a good show. Opening with a terrific Love In an Elevator was a superb way to start of course as the crowd was right on their side from the off. Classics like Dream On and Sweet Emotion and newer hits I Don't Want To Miss A Thing and Livin' On The Edge (I say newer but that song is fourteen years old) were outstanding. In fact all 14 songs played were outstanding but that’s my one big gripe tonight. Not enough songs.

Had a great night tonight but they really should have played for longer especially with such a back catalogue behind them. So many songs to choose from and as a result we felt a little short changed. A new album would help but no sign of that at the moment.

Ticket: June 26th 2007 / Bus Ticket

Ticket Price: €69.50

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