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#9 Almighty @ Leeds Polytechnic (June 30th 1991)

Almighty @ Leeds Polytechnic June 30th 1991

Support: Cheap n' Nasty

I was never a big lover of The Almighty but one of my brothers was a big fan at the time. He was also a big fan of Hanoi Rocks. Their guitarist Nasty Suicide's new band were support on this day in Leeds.

It was the only time I have been to a gig with my two brothers. Never happened before or since. Our music taste and lives went in different directions after this. In fact looking back my eldest brother (James) probably only came along because our parents wanted a chaperon of sorts for myself and Nick (my other brother). I think it was because neither of us had driven any great distance before. I don't remember much about the venue but I came away from the gig being very impressed with lead singer Ricky Warwick in particular. He was quite a famous person at the time because he was married to MTV Headbangers Ball host Vanessa Warwick and it had given his band some extra exposure. They were a good live band but it was Ricky that impressed most.

Ticket: June 30th 1991

Ticket Price: £6.00

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